Domain Renewal: Why it is Important to Monitor Deadlines and How Not to Lose Your Domain


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Just once is not enough to buy a domain name. The rental needs to be renewed because the hosting company charges regularly. The conditions may be different: once a month, once a year, or after a longer time. Why do you need to constantly monitor domain expiration dates, and what does delay lead to? Experts have already sorted out this issue and provided a couple of succinct answers in this article. We are talking about different situations when access is lost (in theory). These tips will help you avoid problems and allow you to maintain full control over your online business.

What happens if you do not renew your registration on time?

It is important to miss domain name terms. If they expire the domain They’ll just put it up for sale. Often it is first blocked for a few weeks or a month in case the owner remembers and pays. But after the deadline, the title will simply be sold to someone else.

In order not to miss the notification that it is time to update the tariff, it is worth checking the relevance of what is indicated in the form. It is to this that the registrar sends a letter stating that he will soon need to pay for further use. Sometimes it ends up in spam. Therefore, it is better to check absolutely all messages or set a reminder on your smartphone even before registering a domain.

What if the domain name is registered to a different owner?

Sometimes it happens that the site address is actually owned by a person who is no longer related to the business. For example, this could be a partner, contractor or one of the employees. Then the notification about the end of the period will be sent to him, and he will not be able to contact him to convey the information. There are risks that in the future he will delete the site, since he has access to it. This happens if a person has personal gain.

To prevent this from happening, you must either register the domain name directly to yourself or to a legal entity. This is a good option to secure access and rights.

When registering a domain name, it is recommended to provide the following information:

  • Phone number;
  • Current email address;
  • Backup contacts.

Each of these options can be used by the hosting for notification. The more there are, the higher the chances that the owner will not miss the message and will extend the lease for another year (or more).

What if the wrong information was provided during registration?

Even when buying a cheap domain name, you should check the information several times. This works on a similar principle as when preparing official documents. Even the registrar carries out detailed monitoring if necessary. If something does not match, it will revoke ownership of the domain. This is especially bad if the site is already fully equipped, regular customers know about it, and this resource brings in regular income. In total, due to an incorrectly filled out application form, there is a significant risk of losing everything.

If it has already happened that there are problems, then the only way out is to buy a similar domain name and redirect from the old to the new. As soon as the search engines index everything, they are given the opportunity to use and extend the already established deadlines.

Advantages of the domain

The Domain name registrar The good thing is that he still has a lot of free addresses. This means that everyone will choose the option that is ideal for a specific business.

It is worth highlighting the following advantages:

  • Convenient rental conditions;
  • Low prices;
  • Big choice;
  • Quick consultation.

The use of the domain is in the field of information technology. If you need to focus on professionalism and a certain direction, then a domain name will be an excellent


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