Your Choice of Your Child’s School Matters | Why Catholic School?


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Even with the growing number of public and private schools in most regions, few parents imagine taking their kids to these schools. The concern of taking children to these types of schools is mainly over social issues. Other parents are concerned about the quality of education or have concerns over the difference in religious sentiments.

Your Choice of Your Childs School Matters

Parents who are Catholics and in this kind of situation can consider taking their kids to a local Catholic school. Should that decision be based purely on their Catholic faith, though? Not exclusively.

Below, we’ve listed five reasons to choose a Catholic school for children’s education.

Five Reasons to Choose Catholic Schools

1. Values

A robust moral system is the most common reason that Catholic schools stand out. The Catholic faith has strict values upon which the school system establishes its education policies. The programs incorporate religious aspects, such as regular prayer, Holy Communion, and confession.
These programs instill lasting values in the students as moral individuals.

2. Conducive Learning Environment

Students require a conducive environment for personal growth and productive learning, and Catholic schools provide this platform. The school’s environment presents the conditions to get the most out of their learning. These Catholic schools also embrace coeducational, instructional teaching to ensure no students miss out on anything.

3. Academics

Besides ensuring the holistic development of a student, the main goal of taking a child to school is to excel in their studies. There is an emphasis on studying, reading, and writing to produce literate members of society who think critically about life. The academic standards are high, and any student going through this school will receive automatic admission to a college of their choice.

You can be sure of great future opportunities if you send your child to Catholic schools. If you are in Perth, you can check out Seton Catholic College.

4. Personal Development

Over the years, schools have focused less on the personal development of the students. Once schools embraced personal development, and they employed different techniques. Most schools teach students to develop self-image and how it relates to academic performance.

There is more to self-development than self-esteem, though. Catholic schools teach students to aim for high academic scores while pursuing personal and spiritual interests.

5. Discipline

Physical punishment is no longer a method of acceptable discipline. Discipline is still an indispensable quality and vital to excellent academic performance, though. Catholic schools uphold strict policies about the behavior of the students, encouraging them to become mature individuals who take responsibility for their choices.

Final Thoughts

When looking for a school for your child to attend, you have many choices. You will have to choose a school for your child based on your personal preference. Catholic schools operate on a Catholic belief-based system in all aspects of their learning.

The education system is not only good for academic wellbeing, but it also favors the wholesome growth of a student. If you are not of the Catholic faith, you are still welcome to take your kids to these schools. Rest assured that your children will not face any ethnic prejudice or discrimination whatsoever based on their faith.


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