Living Independently With Disability


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Everyone needs care until they reach a particular age. But there are even those who need extra care all throughout their lives because of some form of disability. Whether you are born with it or because of some incident, being disabled requires extra care to navigate through life.

Living Independently With Disability

Sometimes family members can’t fully take care of their loved ones who have special needs because they also have their own lives to live. Whether you are a person with disability or you have a loved one who has a disability, you will need help. Selectability NDIS Mackay advise us that in Australia there is a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) that aims to provide assistance for the disabled, one such way they support is through independent home care assistance. Consider signing up for disability home care services because of the following reasons.

Getting Dressed

If your loved one cannot get dress on their own, there will be staff available to help them out. It is best to leave the dressing task to someone who is trained on it.

If you do it, there is a tendency that you might end up rushing because of the other things you have to take care of. You should not rush a person living with disability. They already have difficulty with everything else. Do not make them feel like they are a burden.


You may not always be available to feed your family member who is living with disability. If you have a family of your own or is busy with your work, feeding can be hard to juggle, especially since there are three meals to prepare in a day.

However, if you decide to hire staff to do it for you, they will be there whenever your loved one is hungry. You will not have to drop everything to help your loved one eat since the staff will be the one to do it. If your loved one feels hungry an hour after you are out of the house, the in-home staff will take care of it so your loved ones will not go hungry.


For a person with disability, from the bed to the door is already a struggle. Imagine having to move from one room to another. It will be even worse if they try to go outside. If you have kids to take care of, you might not always be there to assist them in moving to the bathroom or the kitchen.

The staff will assist your loved one with disability in moving from one place to another. They are trained to handle any disability, so you do not have to worry. They will help with the mobility of the person living with disability.

Living Alone

Your loved one can choose to live on their own if they have home care help. They do not have to live with you or other family members if they do not want to. They can live on their own as long as they have someone there to help them navigate through simple tasks such as moving from one room to another, going to the bathroom, cooking food, or even running simple errands such as going to the grocery store. Disability home care services allow them to remain independent of their families.


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