Meth Addiction: How to Prevent Further Relapses


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Are you a meth addict who doesn’t want to relapse? There are several warning signs you should watch out for to prevent this drug from taking over your life again. This type of disease is a lifelong battle, and you will have to work hard not to give in.

Meth Addiction- How to Prevent Further Relapses

What Happens after Recovery?

Have you gone through treatment and think you’ve recovered? That’s not entirely accurate, because there is no cure. You will always need therapy and people to support you in staying sober.

Most people end up hooked on this drug again even after they’ve gone through a successful round of rehab. According to, about 61% of those who have sought treatment will relapse within the first year. Relapse rates after rehab for meth addicts are high because people crave it more than other drugs. When you add that with people who are going through life issues, it can increase even more. However, this doesn’t mean that you will after your recovery is complete.

These high rates could mean that you might have to work twice as hard as other addicts. Meth is such a powerful drug that there are so many unable to fight the temptation even after their recovery process. Only you can become determined enough to get past your addiction.

Why Is It So Hard to Recover?

What about this drug makes it so much harder to fight relapsing? It’s because of what this drug does to your brain. American Addiction Centers reports that meth damages the part of your brain where you receive pleasure. This means you aren’t capable of feeling pleasure without the assistance of this substance.

Abstaining from drugs might be a hard, especially if your life becomes stressful. However, there are times when you might give into your drug habit. It doesn’t mean your case is hopeless.

Warning Signs a Meth Addict Might Relapse

There are several warning signs of a relapse. Your loved ones can also be aware of these warning signs and try to help hold you accountable. You might need their support to get you through this because you might not be strong enough to say no again. Meth alters the brain so much that you could crave it without wanting to. As stated by, these types of warnings signs include:

• Having any amount of craving
• Experiencing a lot of stress
• Not expressing your emotions in a healthy way
• Reminiscing or having positive conversations or thoughts about your drug
• Wanting to be around this drug or people associated with it
• Having unhealthy habits such as not getting enough rest or slacking on personal hygiene
• Failure to continue going to support meetings or other therapy sessions
• Ignoring friends and family members

When you start to experience any of these warning signs, you should seek help immediately. Go to a 12-step meeting if you don’t have the money to seek. However, if you are using again, you might have to consider going through rehab once again.

This isn’t something you recover from on your own. Have family, your sponsor, or your therapist help you through your options to see which treatment is right for your situation. If you ignore the warning signs, you might end up deep in your meth addiction once again. Try to seek help right away, because the longer you wait, the harder it is to recover.

Reasons for Remaining Sober

If you start using meth after going through treatment, you might be thinking that there’s no hope. However, there’s always hope for addicts to recover. It might take work and dedication to be sober, but it’s worth it in the long run.

• Family and Friends: Do you have a spouse who loves you? Do you have children who need their mother or father? If you do, try to continue to fight for them and yourself. Having their support can mean the difference between sobriety and use again. You want to live your life with them while sober, instead of living your life in jail or high all the time. Don’t waste the rest of your life without the people who love you.

Seek help from family and friends who care about your well-being if you are having trouble. They can get you help or talk about the best options available for your situation. You have the power to overcome this for yourself and the people you care about.

• Health Reasons: using meth can have serious effects on your health. According to, you can experience the following long-term side effects:

-Weight loss
-Mood changes
-Violent behavior
-Dental issues
-Memory loss
-Repetitive motor activity

These side effects could last you the rest of your life, so you might need therapy, medications, and support to stay sober.

• Enjoy Your Life: Remaining sober can be hard, but it’s possible if you want to continue enjoying your life. It might take a lot of therapy and determination. You can always try other alternatives to help you with your urges. For example, you could try doing yoga, meditation, or other activities that will help you remain calm and collected in times where your life becomes stressful.

Living with Meth Addiction

Many people think they only must seek treatment once after their addiction affects their life. People don’t realize that this disease is a life-long struggle that needs therapy and support to get you through.

A therapist can help you go over what you can do when you are feeling like using again. They will help you see the signs and suggest what to do in these types of situations. However, there are so many people who have to go through the process of recovery then relapse and repeat.

When you become addicted to a drug like meth, it takes determination and the right treatments to stay away from temptation. No addict wants to suffer all the long-term side effects when they could find the strength to stop. Try to stay clean or seek help when you think you see warning signs that you want to use again. You just must remember all the reasons to continue your sober lifestyle. You can do anything you put your mind to.


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