11 Block Panchayats in Kerala get ISO certified


The continual trials and great resolution towards getting universal quality standards, ultimately enables an association to achieve development it has hoped for. So as to raise the work efficiency, there must be a standard for the whole industry, which can be achieved the ISO certification.

11 Block Panchayats in Kerala get ISO certified

• There are endless instances of associations in India that have embraced the worldwide standards for quality, efficiency, and customer fulfillment with the ISO certification process.

• In the considerable rundown of such significant foundations, we will currently have 11 block panchayat offices of the Kottayam region of Kerala.

Indisputably, all the 11 block panchayats of the Kottayam locale have been selected by the Kerala State Government for ISO certification.

#1.Which is the Block Panchayats in Kerala that will get ISO Certification?

As indicated by urban improvement experts, 5 of the 11 Block Panchayats in Kottayam, Kerala have effectively gotten the ISO certification. These are—

i. Llalam

ii. Erattupetta

iii. Kanjirappally

iv. Pallam and

v. Vaikom

The rest of the 6 Block Panchayats in Kottayam are going to get the ISO authentication inside next about fourteen days.

#2. At the point when will the Block Panchayats in Kottayam get the ISO certification?

As talked about over, 5 Panchayats have just got the ISO certification. Endless supply of the ISO certification process in the rest of the 6 Panchayats offices, and rest of the remaining 6 Block Panchayats will be ISO accredited by 31st January 2019.

#3. How will the ISO certification actually enable these 11 block Panchayats to develop?

Obviously, there are various advantages that will be experienced by nearby inhabitants soon. Some of them are as per the following:

• ISO certification will empower the accelerating of the processing of applications (complaints).

• The application will currently be processed inside a stipulated time period of 3 minutes.

• Aside from that, there will be capable delivering of other sorts of services, for example, the issue of certificates and documents and very important archives.

#4. What are important features inside the ISO certified Panchayats?

There are different highlights that show the innovative progression in these Panchayats. Some are given beneath

• Separate records rooms have been introduced for the computerization and upkeep of records for prepared reference.

• Appropriate name sheets having subtleties of the officers and chose agents.

• Finish rundown of administrations and

• Establishment of complaint boxes.

Plus, the experts are additionally said that they will soon plan to give the free Wi-Fi service in these 11 Panchayats offices in future, so as to effectively realize the administration’s e-governance strategy.

#5. What are the other offices accessible at these Panchayats?

A few administrations will be incorporated to make these Panchayats offices more people-accommodating. These are as per the following-

• Safe drinking water

• Unique offices for differently abled people, ladies and youngsters.

• Now, the office staff is also getting extraordinary preparing in management and open interface, for capacity building.

#6. Which Panchayat has achieved ISO certification previously?

Recently, the Aymanam Gram Panchayat arranged in Kerala’s Kottayam region itself, has been officially awarded the ISO certification.

The Aymanam Gram Panchayat has all the advantageous offices that no other nearby foundation in India has.

A portion of its highlights are as per the following-

• The work culture and condition in this Panchayat are no not exactly a worldwide foundation or a MNC. There are various help counters for direction and complaint redressal. Candidates are given tokens in the wake of documenting their complaint; starting there, they can hold up inside air-cooled sitting region and read papers.

• The visitors are given caution through a declaration system on the showcase board when their turn comes.

• Additionally, the Panchayat has offices, for example, clean drinking water and toilets.


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