Myths Vs Reality When It Comes To Car Care


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“Change the oil every 3.000 miles”, “Warm your car up several minutes before driving”, “Only use premium fuel if you don’t want to break your engine”, etc. You’ve probably heard many recommendations about how you should better look after your car. But which ones are real and you should follow and which ones are just a myth?

With so much misinformation circulating around, we want to help you understand what is real and what is not. That’s why today we’ll be looking at 4 of the most popular myths regarding car care, and let you know what is the real truth behind them.

Myths Vs Reality When It Comes To Car Care

Myth 1: Premium Fuel Is Best

You probably heard this one often. But when it comes to fuel, the term “premium” has not much to do with how good this product is for your car, but mostly just with what good advertising looks like.

If you are curious to dive a little deeper into this subject, here’s a short explanation of what premium fuel can actually offer. A typical gas station will normally sell regular fuel at 87-89 octanes and the so-called premium one which has a maximum of 93 octanes.

The reality is that most modern day cars have a recommended octane level of 87, with only a small percentage of them requiring higher octanes. Hence there is no need for you to waste extra money for premium gas when your car doesn’t even need it.

Myth 2: The Automatic Car Wash Is Safe For Your Car

This common myth can cause a lot of damage to your vehicle.

The reality is that although automatic car washes are fast, convenient and yes, they can even clean your vehicle quite well, they are also a danger for paintwork. The problem stems mostly from the fact that when not properly maintained, the brushes used by automatic car washes can leave small scratches on the car’s surface which in time, will become visible. Not to mention your paintwork will also turn dull.

If you’re looking for a safe alternative, you can wash your vehicle at home with a hose and car shampoo, and apply a ceramic spray after. Trusted car care reviews place Nexgen Ceramic Spray in the first place when it comes to home detailing products. Nexgen will help keep dust and mold away, protect your car’s shine and ensure your car needs less cleaning while still looking as new. The next best product in line would probably be Torque Detail.

Myth 3: Don’t Trust Mechanics, They Just Want To Trick You

From thieves to conn artists, or cyber criminals, there are many ways in our modern society any of us can be cheated on, lied to or stolen from. And although I strongly recommend you keep your eyes wide open both in your personal and professional life, feeling like there are only threats around can turn into an unhealthy habit.

When it comes to taking proper care of your car, regular visits at the service are a must. Yes, we agree that on the automotive market, like in any other industry, there are also many mechanics that just want to take your money and don’t have your car’s best interest at heart.

But the truth is the majority of the people working in these services are trying to do their job right and it’s best to listen to their advice and recommendation regarding your car’s maintenance and repair. And if you are still not feeling sure, why not ask a second opinion? Or even a third!

Myth 4: All Season Wheels Are Fine To Use All Year Round

This myth can be very dangerous to follow, and can even result in accidents.

Here’s a thing about tires. You probably already know that for your car you can use summer tires, winter tires and all season ones. The main differences between them stem from their structure, rubber compound and tread pattern. Using summer tires in the winter can cause your car to slide on ice, while winter tires used during canalicular summer months can overheat and explode.

So all season tires should be perfect all year round, right?

Wrong! The truth is all season tires are just a compromise and cannot provide a good performance in all varieties of driving conditions.


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