How to Determine Which Staffing Agency is Worth Starting?


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Recruitment is one of the most crucial stages in personnel management, which is why, at the current level of business development, many companies turn to professionals’ services – recruitment agencies.

How to Determine Which Staffing Agency is Worth Starting?

According to the official definition, recruiting agencies are organizations that recruit personnel for certain positions. But are their functions limited to this alone, or are they doing something more? Today recruiting agencies in Austin are incredibly popular! And this is not surprising since experienced employees have always been, are, and will be almost their weight in gold. You may be thinking about how to determine which Staffing Agency in Austin is worth starting? So in this article, we will try to answer this question:

How To Determine Which Agency Is Worth Starting?

When choosing a provider of HR services, it is worth considering the following parameters:

Competence in the field of HR – services

Pay attention to:

  • The impression that a recruiter makes when communicating;
  • Competent, clear speech;
  • Sincere interest in your company and clear withdrawal of the application for selection;
  • Asking the “right” questions when meeting.

You need to understand that recruiters’ competence and professionalism develop over time as they work on complex projects. Alternatively, at the first meeting with a recruiter, ask to describe a real case of finding a difficult specialist, how this process took place, what difficulties the specialist faced and what he/she learned from this situation.

Reputation and reviews

The reputation and maturity can be assessed by monitoring the clients (especially regular ones) with whom the company cooperates. How large/small are their businesses, and whether their business areas are similar to yours. Staffing Agency Austin is providing the best services and has a good reputation and reviews.

If the agency’s track record includes eminent companies, then this is direct evidence that the organization is a proven and quality HR service provider.

The advantage will be the cooperation of the agency with “unique” companies (for example, producing a point and specific product).

Company office and location

A professional agency should take care of its clients and candidates and choose the most convenient meeting place for them (office location).

The office should be located in the city center, have a presentable appearance, modern technical equipment, new furniture, and tidy employees.

Services provided

A good sign of a recruiting company is the breadth of services provided.

In addition to recruiting, this can research the salary market, launching a company to the market, consulting services, corporate training, etc. It means that the company can satisfy all the Client’ needs, remove the “business pain,” and, if necessary, help your business reach a new level of development.

Career counseling

In this case, we mean working with a client (individual or legal entity) for career / professional development. The agency should not be only the service providers; they must also have career counseling services for the new emerging talent and companies.

The recruiting agency’s task is to determine the candidate’s professional level of knowledge and his psychological characteristics – motivation, flexibility, and ability to adapt to the team. Also, one of the responsibilities of the agency is to check the recommendations. The selection of some specialists is particularly difficult, in particular accountants. Unlike a recruiting agency, the head of the enterprise does not have the opportunity to test the applicant’s professional skills. For example, in nurse staffing or any other specialized service recruitments, it is essential to have some basic skill of the staffing company.

If you have chosen an HR service provider that meets most of the described parameters, you can be sure that your company will receive the right specialist who will bring maximum benefit to your business.

Staffing Agency Austin- the right choice of rational people

The main criterion for successful cooperation with a recruiting agency is the prompt filling of a vacancy. However, this is not all! Long-term cooperation is possible only if the candidate becomes worthy (and not every recruiting agency can already provide this). So it is extremely important to find a decent employee.

The main psychological qualities of a candidate are high self-organization and motivation to work, sociability, quickly finding a common language with the team, conducting a dialogue, quick reaction, and the ability to make decisions independently. Sometimes it can take a lot of time to take all this into account and determine. No time to do this? Contact Staffing Agency Austin- they will help!


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