Online Proctoring – A Comprehensive Overview of This Concept


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Since past many years, there has been great growth in the e-commerce and e-learning industry. It has catered to a wide number of needs by providing people with several kinds of technologies. This is the main reason behind the success and growth of the concept of online proctoring. A lot of companies are providing various kinds of e-learning-based courses so that people can learn new skills by enjoying the convenience of their home places.

Online Proctoring - A Comprehensive Overview of This Concept

In the online-based examination conducted with the help of the proctoring system, the candidates are evaluated with the help of the internet and the whole durations set by the organization which is conducting the examination. These kinds of processes are completed with the help of using a web camera and a microphone. The candidates also have access to the computer and the laptop-based screens.

Following are the things candidate must-have for this procedure:

  • A personal computer or laptop or candidates can also go with the option of mobile phones.
  • A good and reliable internet connection.
  • A web-based camera and a microphone.
  • The web browsers which are up to date and are installed on the smart device which is being used.

Broadly there are three types of proctoring system is prevalent and they are mentioned as follows:

  • The first one is the live based proctoring in which the candidates are kept a check during the whole system with the help of audiovisual methods. The best advantage of this concept is that all the location related constraints can be eliminated with this. This concept is highly successful in comparison to the all other options available and is quite expensive.
  • The second one is the recorded proctoring in which the representatives play the video of the whole examination to find out in case any of the candidates have gone through any suspicious activity. It will also help in eliminating the schedule and the location-related constraints. This method is considered highly safe and secure as well as cost-friendly.
  • The third system is the most advanced one which includes the automatic based proctoring. Intelligent examination related activities are undertaken with the help of analytics-based upon audiovisual systems. It will also help in ensuring that candidates always focus on the screen at the time of giving the test. Faced recognition systems are also used in this system and such methods help in eliminating the location related constraints very easily.

Several factors help me driving the growth of these kinds of systems and they are mentioned as follows:

  • The e-learning systems are in high demand nowadays because everybody wants to upgrade their skills by sitting at their home place only.
  • It will also help in eliminating all the high costs which are associated with the establishment of centres so that several tests can be conducted there.
  • There will be a requirement of having any high level of infrastructure to conduct these kinds of examinations.
  • This concept is highly preferred by all the learners as it helps in saving a lot of time and efforts.
  • There is a huge focus on the work-based things so that proper alignment of the assessments can be achieved and the learning needs of the candidates can be fulfilled very smoothly and easily.

All these kinds of tools are also based upon a high level of security which means that they will be no cheating at the time of examination. These systems also help in providing a high level of validation for the online-based tests. This concept also helps in providing the opportunity to complete the test depending on the convenience of individuals which is another reason behind the popularity of this concept. The Internet-based testing can also be unscheduled and can be immediate and it all depends upon the convenience of the individual. There are several kinds of data formats available in the form of both audio and visual forms which can be referred to in the future very easily

There are some of the considerations which are to be paid proper attention at the time of going for such options. They are mentioned as follows:

  • These kinds of systems must be quick as well as fast. Such systems should also provide easy kind of integration with the already existing systems of the companies and organizations. Parallel applications should be properly facilitated with the help of these kinds of systems.
  • The whole system must be robust and should also facilitate the whole feature of streamlining the glitches to enhance the overall candidate’s performance.
  • There should be proper automation so that modern technologies can be implemented and it will help in solving various kinds of purposes.
  • Such systems should also be based upon excellent reporting so that the overall efficiency of the candidates and their efforts are enhanced.

The proctoring kind of services is a very important component of online courses nowadays. These kinds of systems have also enhanced the certification process of individuals with the help of several biometric types of inputs. The introduction of facial recognition technology in this concept has also helped in streamlining the overall process and achieving the efficiency element. The most advanced systems also provide sound base recognition to ensure additional checks. Head-based movements and positions are already implemented by the majority of such systems. These tests can also be done on the mobile phone with the help of front camera has approved that there is no cheating being performed.

The online proctoring system can also be accessed from anywhere depending on the convenience and flexibility of the candidate. The invigilators can also use these kinds of technologies to analyze the behaviour of candidates to avoid all kinds of malpractices during the test. Hence, the introduction of such concepts has completely revolutionized the education sector and has even made the hiring procedures of the company is very easy. Nowadays all the organizations who were earlier reluctant about the implementation of such systems are now recommending others as well to introduce these kinds of systems to achieve a higher level of effectiveness and efficiency in their already existing procedures.


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