Flying For the First Time? 5 Easy Tips to Help


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Are you a first-time flyer? Then you might be nervous or excited or a combo of the two. From total excitation to full-body anxiety, even frequent flyers can have strong feelings about flying.

Flying For the First Time? 5 Easy Tips to Help

Whether you may or may not have fear of flying, there are online resources helping people having jitters, even at the thought of boarding a flight, for the first time in life.

Here’s a quick checklist to prepare yourself for the flight ahead with confidence and excitement:

1. Prepare travel documents

One of the things that can ruin your first trip is leaving behind the necessary paperwork to board the flight. If you don’t bring a passport, ID card, or visa, you will not be able to board. So do not leave important documents in your excitement. You also need to get a visa for the country you want to travel to. Get Saudi Arabia visa ETA here

Prepare travel documents

Keep the documents in your handbags or laptop bag, for hassle-free boarding.

2. Check the baggage policy

Twice check the baggage policy of the airline you’re traveling with. Find out charges for your checked baggage, prohibited items, the permitted size and weight of the luggage, and other such important things.

For instance, if your baggage weighs more than the permitted value, you’ll be charged with a fee. Thus, it’s better to pack light and right.

Also, look for items that you cannot bring on board. For instance, you can’t bring sharp items such as a knife or razor.

3. On-Board tips

Once you have successfully made it to your first flight, you’re nearly ready to go up in the sky. Anxious? Find your seat, and stow away your hand luggage correctly. The crew can help you with this.

Before your plane touches the sky, follow all the safety instructions that may sound unfamiliar if you didn’t do the homework before boarding the flight. You’ll learn things such as buckling up a seat, different lights over your head, and what one has to do in an emergency.

Follow the instructions and enjoy the flight.

4. Takeoff time

First-time flyers may get nervous, during take-off, and landing, because the heavy metal machine touching the clouds may seem unreal. It’s good to prepare yourself for this feeling.

This may seem uncomfortable, at first, but you can cancel off the noise using headphones and enjoy your favorite music.

5. Food and drinks

Depending on the type of travel class, you will be offered food and drinks. If you have paid extra while booking your ticket, then it is fine. Else, you will have to pay for whatever you wish to eat or drink.

Food and drinks

But what if you don’t like the food? Or you get hungry in-between meals? If you are a first-time flyer, we suggest bringing some packed food to appease your cravings. For instance, dark chocolates can soothe your nerves if you feel anxious.

In the end…

Your flying anxiety may be legit but these tips can be helpful to enjoy your flight.

Bon Voyage!


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