Personal Car Vs Rental Car in Chennai


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It is great to know that you have a car. But have you ever wondered what problems you might encounter if you possessed your own car? There are lots of expenses that you have to bear if you purchase a car. We will discuss the disadvantages of having a car and why car rental in Chennai is a promising option for you.

Personal Car Vs Rental Car in Chennai

Which one is best, Personal Car or Rental Car?

The maintenance cost, as well as insurance, will cost you much in case of a personal car. Moreover, if you know driving then it is good. Otherwise, you have to pay a good amount of salary to your driver. And what about fuel? That will definitely cost you much. Let us take an example if diesel or petrol costs approx 70 rupees it is expected that your car gives you a mileage of at least 15-18 per kilometre per litre. The total value will cost much for you. On average you have to spend Rs. 5000-6000 monthly on your car, though it depends upon your journey. If you have a driver, then you have to pay him/her also according to your agreement. Isn’t it?

It is quite sure that you will not purchase your car without insurance. Without insurance, you are not allowed to take out your car. Now calculate your insurance annually, doesn’t it seems that it is just like a white elephant. A lot of expenses are there. When people can’t afford those expenses, they end up at last by selling the car at a low value. So, ultimately, it is totally your loss. Parking is another major issue a car owner has to deal with. If you park your car in a no-parking zone, then the police will take a fine from you. Sometimes, they also take your car to their custody, and you get your car back only after long harassment. So, you can guess how problematic it is to have a car.

In the case of a rental car, you don’t have to think much about all of the above mentioned factors. There is no parking tension, no insurance expense and no expenditures for the driver. You just have to book the cab, and you can contact your driver also on the telephone. The important part is you can even track them how far he is right now from you. The cab driver will pick and also drop you in your destination. Fair deal, right? You will just relax and sit down in the car with your belongings, and the driver will do all the things. You don’t have to worry about anything.

That is why car rental in Chennai has become so famous nowadays. However, there are lots of service providers who are providing car rental services. Another important part of the rental car service is that you will get full details of the driver before riding, so if you find anything suspicious, then you can cancel your ride obviously by providing the cause of your cancellation. You can even tell the driver to turn on the music system so that you might not get bored during your whole journey.

Another noteworthy thing which is best in a rental car is that you don’t have to think about the tax, traffic rules, toll tax and many more. Just step down from the cab after reaching your destination. At the same time, you can’t get rid of all these taxes if you are having your own car.

With Technology nowadays being so fast and efficient, you don’t have to wait long after booking a car. Moreover, if by chance you are unable to contact the driver of the rental car, you can cancel your booking, and again you can rebook it. After your journey, you can rate your trip also. You can even add your comment by sharing your experience.

The Final Thought

It is not like that you should not possess a car. Of course, you can have it. But before purchasing you should think about its after-effects also. There are only more and more expenses in having a personal car, but if you consider the services of a rental car, you can find that there are only benefits. Among these, the best one is you can book a car rental in Chennai in just a few clicks.


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