Rules for Choosing a Design for a Home Poster


Posters on the wall have been around since people have homes. It all started with rock paintings. The framed photos are much younger, but they were originally intended for the rich. Printed wall decorations have existed since the 19th century, the better the techniques became, the more mass production increased.

Rules for Choosing a Design for a Home Poster

Cute putties, cute animals, natural landscapes. The task is always to create an atmosphere in the rooms in which residents feel comfortable. Admittedly, there are people who present their guests with real masterpieces of art, but consider abstract expressionism an unusual form of psychotherapy and want to use the image only to guess the size of their bank account. But everyone else usually just wants the pictures on the wall to look beautiful.

How do I choose a sketch for my poster printing Vancouver? There are two ways. Or you look through magazines with housing advice and follow the messages of influential people in social networks. Then you will get what everyone likes. Advantage: No one comes to tea and asks: “Why did you decide to hang this particular design here?” or are you listening to your own inner voice. Advantage: the apartment is right for you.

Be decisive. The only criterion for what should be hung on the wall is you and your taste. Well, you could be attentive to your partner and children. But if you like to cover your entire home office with posters of Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers”, then by all means do it! And if you really want to hang a billion-dollar reproduction of Gustav Klimt’s painting “Kiss” on a canvas in the corridor – voila: if you like it, this is what you need. But maybe you will get acquainted with your feelings in advance, whether this is really the right thing or maybe the most convenient.

There are several tools to unleash your gut and imagination. Most importantly: think carefully about what things and what colors and shapes you like. Certain motives? A separate print? Or real photos? All together? There is no denying that this requires a little work. But it’s worth it. And when you know what you want, just call and we’ll poster printing Coquitlam. Are you not sure? Just try it: you can temporarily borrow works of art from the art library. Even better: visit an artists studio in your area.

Also try not to limit yourself to the obvious: the image on your poster does not have to be centered above the sofa, it can look much better if you hang it asymmetrically, for example. Those people who really want to bring the decorations on their walls to the right location for themselves, walk with a poster in their hands until they feel it belongs to a certain location. Remember that contrasts have an invigorating effect, two works that do not fit together may look forbidden, but five of them next to each other can be great. And see if there are any unloved corners in your house where you timidly hide the vacuum cleaner behind the curtain. You could – according to the old principle of the designer – emphasize what you cannot hide – paint such areas in bright red, illuminate them with spots and poster printing Coquitlam. And you already have your own little gallery.

Have you decided yet? Write to our managers for an order. If not, then we are all the more waiting for your request to select the right design.


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