Sell Your Used Automatic Cars in Kerala Safely in 2022


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Selling your used automobile might be difficult at times. It will be challenging to locate the perfect buyer willing to pay the proper price for your vehicle. The buyer will bargain in order to maximize profit.

On the one hand, selling the automobile to which you are emotionally linked would be depressing. On the other hand, the lower the price of used automatic cars in Kerala offered, it would add to your misery.

Sell Your Used Automatic Cars in Kerala Safely in 2022

Another critical component is selling an automobile to a real individual. It should not be used for any illegal purposes by the customer. However, after the sale, neither he nor she should disturb you with frequent complaints.

You can avoid the aforementioned issues by doing the following measures. You should also keep in mind that you should never rush to sell your car.

How to Sell a Car the Old Fashioned Way

A traditional or offline way to sell your car is to place an ad in the local newspaper, contact local car dealers, tell your friends and family and ask that they spread the word, and place a ‘For Sale’ sign on the rear of your car with your contact information, display leaflets at your complex, office, or the local club, etc.

How to Sell a Car in the Modern Era

Some of the current methods of selling a car include placing an attractive advertisement of your used automatic cars in Kerala on any trending online classified portals, accepting trade-in and exchange offers, harnessing the power of social media, and employing automobile buying services.

Documents Required When Selling a Car

Proper documentation when selling automobiles benefits both the seller and the buyer is important. Here is a list of documentation you should have ready before selling the automobile.

Transfer of Ownership – Again, you compulsorily need to apply to the RTO precisely for transferring the ownership and complete the necessary paperwork to transfer the automobile to the new owner. Otherwise, every future vehicle-related case will be assigned to you. As a result, the transfer papers must be handled with caution.

Insurance information, including Candidate – Before approaching the RTO, the insurance documentation must be completed. The insurance paperwork must update your name with the new owner’s name and data.

Removal of Hypothecation – You may have purchased the automobile with a loan from a bank. The loan amount, plus interest, must be returned to the business, and the hypothecation must be withdrawn from the RC book.

Pollution Certificate – A valid pollution certificate is required for the used automobile. Otherwise, you will be unable to finish the RTO requirements.

Service Records — Some purchasers will request vehicle service records to determine the mechanical condition of the vehicle. It must be up to date, with all data pertaining to the servicing performed recorded.

Nowadays, all authorized maintenance centers are linked online. As a result, you may ask any service center to download data and deliver it to you.

If your vehicle is registered in another state, a NOC – No Objection Certificate – will be required. The NOC must be obtained from the registered RTO and transferred to the state where the vehicle is being sold.


You should know all about how to safely sell used automatic cars in Kerala. If you intend to sell the automobile yourself, there are four essential stages to take:

  1. Getting the automobile ready for sale
  2. Interaction with potential purchasers
  3. Payments and documentation


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