What Do Australians Do For Fun?


Australians are famed worldwide for being cheerful, laid-back, friendly, and for getting the most out of life by having plenty of fun. Even so, unless you have had the pleasure of visiting them in person, you might wonder just what they get up to way down under in the way of enjoying themselves. Australians love to participate in just about every entertainment you can think of, but they do have some favourites!

Going Out – Australians love food, and they can put a whole lot of it down, the popular phrase is “hungry as a bandicoot” and they live up to it! An example of a fun night out on the town would be to hit the Coomera restaurants for some delicious Italian food, then the clubs and pubs for dancing and drinking. And yes, Australians are quite fond of their tipples, and there hasn’t been a table found yet that they can’t drink you under, you have been warned!

Lawn Bowling – Some people might think this genteel sport is primarily for older Australians, but it’s actually enjoyed by millions of people nationwide. Lawn bowling is played on a short lawn, and the players traditionally don a prim white uniform. There is a lawn bowling club in every village, town, or city in Australia, it’s that popular!

Surfing – You can always see scores of surfers dotting those big Gold Coast waves. Australia is possibly even more famous than those American surfing hot spots California and Hawaii for having a populace that is fiercely dedicated to the sport! People of all ages from little kids to adults love to grab their boards and hit the waves. Surfing is one of those ‘easy to learn, difficult to master’ sports, it seems pretty simple until that big one comes rolling in, and you had better be ready for it or face an embarrassing (and potentially dangerous) wipeout! Australia has the beaches for it, and they come in droves, so surfing is definitely high on the Australian leisure list!

Fishing – This is one of Australia’s favourite ways to spend the day, and is immensely popular throughout the country, on the surrounding oceans or on inland lakes and rivers, there is always a line being cast somewhere! Fishers are a friendly bunch, and will be happy to share their tales of that big catch they made that’s dwarfed only by the one that got away! Make sure to get your fishing license, then bait your hook and let her fly!

Cricket – This is another immensely popular that Australians relish. Whether they play professionally or for fun, or they just like to watch, cricket is a passion most Australians share. Matches can take a very long time so bring some ice-cold beers, you are bound to be there for a while!

The Australian government actually performed a study on popular leisure activities, check here for the results if you are curious. Strangely, drinking at the pubs was not listed.


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