The 7 Best Things about Diamonds


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Diamonds are often parts of the most memorable moments in human life. From anniversaries to proposals, these sparkling jewels will charm every lady and make everything more special. However, contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be an expert to buy them.

The 7 Best Things about Diamonds

All you need to know is what you are looking for in a diamond to get the perfect one for any occasion. These precious stones have been around for billions of years and were considered a symbol of wealth and love through history. And if you want to buy some, here are the best things about diamonds that will help you decide which one to choose.

1. Follow the 4Cs

There are 4Cs you need to be familiar with in order to choose the right stone or at least know what you are looking for. They stand for cut, clarity, color, and carat – all influential qualities in a diamond that will determine its value. Knowing these features will help you plan your budget and get the right one for the money you have at your disposal.

And so, the cut will give the sparkle to the stone meaning that a proper one will help the diamond absorb and reflect light. When it comes to color, your diamond can have or don’t have one, it all depends on your preference. However, the whiter the diamond the rarer it will be, with D the most colorless, although yellow, black and pink are popular among the ladies, nonetheless.

When it comes to carat, it doesn’t show the size, as many wrongly believe, but the weight and it can affect the price greatly. This means the higher the weight the bigger the price and even half-carat weight points can have a huge difference in your wallet. And lastly, it’s all about imperfections and lack thereof which is determined by the level of clarity visible only to the expert eye.

2. Pick the right shape

In the end, when you present your diamond to the person it is for, they are going to assess its shape. The 4Cs are not something that is visible to a naked eye or layman, but the way the gem is designed is going to make all the difference. And the shape of the diamond will also determine the price.

The most expensive shapes are round, emerald and asscher, the latter being famous for the superior sparkle obtained through the signature cut. If you have a limited budget, then look for the ones with the princess, cushion, trillion, pear, marquise and heart shapes. These options are actually very popular since they go well with any jewelry especially vintage one and are affordable at the same time.

3. They are easy to store

Diamonds are easy to store since they don’t take much space. However, they will require a certain level of security to keep them safe. But if you put aside this fact, being easy to store actually makes them a perfect investment you can move around.
Most of the diamonds will easily fit in small boxes, while there are bigger ones weighing several grams that will fit in the pocket. This only proves how good investment they are since storing their money worth would need an enormous amount of space.

4. They can last forever

The best thing about diamonds is that they don’t damage easily if you wear them every day. However, keep in mind that they can break if you apply enough pressure on them which you probably won’t do. Also, diamonds don’t deteriorate over time and won’t lose their shine.

This not only makes them a perfect gift which will last forever, but also an ideal heirloom. According to the Mohs hardness scale, diamonds get 9 out of 10 scores for durability. It’s actually likely that you will damage the surface you scratched with the diamond than the jewel itself.

5. Diamonds equal romance

Entertainment industry sure made us all believe that diamonds equal romance. And who can forget Merilyn Monroe looking gorgeous in a pink dress and sparkling in these gems while singing Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friends. They look perfect on anyone, no matter the skin color, shape or age and that makes them a perfect gift to profess love.

Because of their sparkling properties, people have been making knock-offs for a long time, with crystal becoming a popular cheap substitute. But real ones always gain more attention and people can’t stop being enchanted by their shine. It’s almost impossible to imagine a proposal without a diamond ring and even the smallest ones are considered better than copies.

6. A very sound investment

They look amazing in jewelry, but also make a very sound investment. In case you decide to approach them as an investment, the experts advise you should buy several small ones rather than one big. Thus, you can sell one in case of emergency and have more left for any future crisis.

Diamond prices are highly likely to fall, and if anything they may become a commodity in the future due to the depletion of mines. Pink diamond prices are going to get higher and higher as 2021 approaches when Rio Tinto’s Argyle mine in Western Australia will close. This mine makes up for 90% of pink diamonds in the world so this situation makes them a very favorable investment.

7. Every diamond is unique

Every diamond is special and that is not poetic expression. Experts say that no two diamonds are alike so you will truly have a unique piece of jewelry in your hands, to say the least. This fact makes them precious choice for jewelry like engagement ring and earrings.

However, there are many other options that use the uniqueness of diamonds to represent the stature and eminence. Crowns of monarchs have been using diamond among other jewels for centuries, and standalone stones have been sold for millions of US dollars on auctions. Every piece needs to be appraised by an expert in order to determine the grade of its quality, which also makes it a unique and valuable commodity.

All in all

The best things about diamonds are the ones that fit your desires and need. You can choose whichever type that suits your price range, but it will always be a prudent investment for future and rainy days. And what better to mark your love than with some sparkle and bling that will illuminate the special bond you share with your partner.


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