How to Sell Feet Pics on Instagram? Here are Some Tips for Beginners


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Whether it comes to post your day to day life pictures, videos or any other kind of content to using it for business purpose you can trust Instagram as best in every way. Marketing is one of the mainstream of this platform for which millions of users are using this platform. It is possible to sell feet pics on Instagram even to make money. Yes you read it right that Instagram is a reliable platform to incur money through your feet pics. Many of you might be thinking of legal grounds that whether it is legal to sell feet pics on social sites. Well it is absolutely legal if you are complying with the basic terms and conditions. Here we will talk about the different ways by which you can sell your feet pics for money in platform like Instagram. It is very important to have an idea about these things before you head towards selling your feet pics on such platforms and even others for that matter. This will give you best guidance and way to monetize your pictures in return of good amount of money.

How to Sell Feet Pics on Instagram? Here are Some Tips for Beginners

Benefits of monetizing feet pics on Instagram?

Monetizing pictures of your feet on Instagram can give you good returns in terms of money and what not. That is the reason why people are striving for the same and now their count is also emerging like anything. You can gain popularity, business marketing projects and can contact with the platforms selling such pictures as their major business to get them big business. All these things are going to increase your value in the market for your skills. You will be able to earn money through your feet pictures very easily. Today crowd is using such ways in order to manage a good source of money for long term without invest much efforts. Whether it comes to make a review for a beauty product for feet or accessories you can bag down big amount of money with every such business project. That is why you must get yourself involved in this matter to sell your feet picture in the best creative way. Stay away from posting the controversial pictures and you are all set to go with this. It will hardly take much time for your best creative pictures to go viral if you are clicking them aptly without missing anything.

Can we use Instagram as photo monetizing platform?

A big yes, Instagram can be used as a photo monetizing platform for your feet pics. You can monetize all your feet pics on this site if they are not violating the terms and conditions of the site. Selling feet pics on IG is as easy as you can think of it. You can earn lot of money through these pics in very short time if a good traffic flows to your posts of these feet pics. So yes it is possible to earn money through selling your feet pictures on Instagram very easily. All you need for this purpose is a good quality camera and little bit of creativity for clicking the unique pictures of your feet which are abiding by the terms and conditions of sensor board. Millions of people are using Instagram as their employment platform through such tasks. So click good pictures and post them on Instagram to earn money through your feet.

The way you can make money on Instagram by selling feet pics

There are different ways that you can adopt to in order to monetize your feet pictures on Instagram for money. Selling feet pics on Instagram is not a big deal as you have to post the picture on your feed. People will come across your feel pics and they will raise interest in watching such pictures. In such case you can insert link or hashtags to other sites working on this arena that is selling feet picture. As you get business to these sites through redirected traffic from your account you can ask for money from these sites. At the same time you can also try monetizing photo through marketing products like foot cream and lotions along with other accessories. This is how you become a face of the brand and can charge money in return of advertising their products. This is the way you can earn good amount of money through foot pics. Even if you are not confident about your face you can use your feet for promoting the beauty and such things and it pour confidence in you about your body too.

Things to keep in mind before selling feet pics on Instagram

There are several things that you need to follow and keep in mind before selling foot pics. Those who have no clear idea about how to sell feet pics on Instagram can follow these points listed here. You will be able to post the best pictures with the help of these tips and can save yourself from major problems too. For example the primary thing that you should pay attention is the interest of the people.

  1. Post creative photos of your pictures wearing accessories as per the expectations of the audience.
  2. The next thing that you have to keep in mind is, is it illegal to sell feet pics on Instagram. Although its legal but you have to maintain certain rules and conditions so that it is not offending sentiments of people.
  3. Apart from it make sure to post regularly to get more and more followers to your posts.
  4. Use good quality pictures instead of using the poor resolution of the feet pics.
  5. Do not post pictures of your feet that hurt sentiments of any religion, cast or creed.

This is how you can make good volume of money through your feet pics. There are people who are doing this for long time and have accumulated good wealth.

How much money we can make by monetizing feet pics on Instagram

Well we can see too many feet pics for sale Instagram accounts have in modern time. But not all of them are able to manage good amount of money through their monetization. This is because such people are not positing creative content of their feet pics. As a result of which people lose their interest in watching such pictures. So you cannot make big money in such case. But on the contrary if you are taking best pictures that can lure the people it can get you good wealth. A good traffic means getting business advertising projects from related businesses as well. So you can also make money through indirect promotion of beauty products related to feet. That is how you can earn in lakhs also. That is the reason why people are earning through their feet pics nowadays.

Few tips for selling your feet pics on Instagram

There are several things that you can do in order to gain success in this field like a pro. Have a look on these tips listed here below.

  1. Make sure to do some research in the kind of pictures that your rivals are positing to get an idea about the liking of the audience.
  2. Be in a confined space when it comes to atrocities as you cannot offend the sentiments of any person in general.
  3. Read the terms and conditions carefully before you post any picture of your feet as it should not be vulgar as per the basic rules in many countries.
  4. Avoid doing things that are considered illegal related to the foot pics of yours before you post it on Instagram and similar platforms.

These are few very important things that cannot be ignored at any point of time. This is because people are having too many options in the market and one single mistake on your part can cost you losing your business. So be very mindful about such things before you monetize your pictures on Instagram and any other social media platform as well.


So we can reach to a conclusion that it is very easy to get your photos of feet monetized on crucial platforms like Instagram. You can use such platforms to earn money very easily. That is why a big number of people are involved in this pursuit for a long time. We can see there are too many people who are living luxurious life just because of such kind of businesses on social media only. So if you want to chase such heights make sure to be creative and earn money through selling pictures of your feet. That is the way you can earn without much efforts and that is too as per your ease and timing. Social media is giving new goals when it comes to business opportunities and employment for people. You can easily use this platform in order to make good money by revealing your creativity in the best way.


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