The Advantages of Jet Charter Services Over Commercial Airlines


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A common myth is a jet charter service is for the wealthy. You don’t need a million dollars to fly in luxury because anyone can fly using a private jet charter service. Choosing this over commercial flights offers several advantages. These benefits make a jet charter service an unforgettable experience.

Choosing the Airport Hub and Time

Commercial passengers must conform to their schedule and assigned airport hub. You select one of many predetermined times and hubs listed, and you must deal with long lines, delays, and cancellations during check-in. If you don’t arrive early, you may miss your flight.

A private jet leaves and arrives on your schedule at the airport of your choice. You and the charter company choose the most reasonable airport for departure and arrival in small, large, and midsize cities. Most charters choose a small hub, so arriving to and from the airport is stress-free, with no long lines and fewer crowds. Also, the commute takes less time.

Fewer People

Sharing commercial flights with a crowd of people is a headache. There is always that one person who causes problems on a flight. That person may be a chatterbox, have rowdy children, have no respect for privacy or boundaries, or be a loud snorer. You can’t focus on anything but the flight and whatever is on the TV screen.

You can avoid these disruptors on a private jet. You pick the people you want on the flight. You can travel alone if you wish. With accessible Wi-Fi and cell reception, you can have a business meeting, do work, watch a movie, play video games, enjoy quiet time, or have a dinner date on the plane.

Nonstop Flights

A nonstop flight is a rare luxury in commercial aviation. Most of the time, a commercial flight stops in a city between the two destinations. So you transfer to the other plane to take you the rest of the way. Sometimes, the flights require two or three stops.

Because the hours rarely overlap, you walk around the airport waiting for your flight or sleeping until the flight arrives the next day. You must prepare for commercial flights to ensure you arrive at your destination on time.

Once the private jet takes off, it goes from A to B with no stops. You get to your destination faster with no connecting flights to board.

A charter service like Stratos Jet Charters can afford nonstop flights because the jets fuel up before takeoff. The staff adapts to weather changes and sudden delays by using another airport, swapping jets, or waiting until the weather clears up.

The Kitchen is Your Oyster

On commercial flights, you eat from the food selection provided by the airline and airport hub. The other choice you make is refusing to eat the food and waiting until the flight is over to find a place to eat. First class may be the best part of commercial flights, but they still don’t compare to what private jet charter services can do.

A private jet has a kitchen staff ready to prepare meals specifically for you. If you have a food allergy, are lactose intolerant, gluten-free, kosher, or vegan, they can prepare a dish you will enjoy with no harmful ingredients.

They will also order food from your favorite restaurant during your flight. You get the same benefits for beverage and condiment choices too. Furthermore, you can bring food on the private jet to enjoy during the flight.

Pets Roam Free

Pet lovers will love the private jet lifestyle. Knowing your pet can roam free on the jet without a cage is very comforting. Meanwhile, a commercial flight comprises riding inside a TSA-approved carrier in the cargo section where the luggage goes. While you can fly anywhere in the U.S. with a pet, international countries may not let your pet inside the country.

It will be too hard to revert to commercial flight schedules once you experience flying in a private jet. With those benefits and more (special terminals, no baggage restrictions, choice of aircraft, etc.), the freedom and choice private jets offer are too tempting to experience only once.


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