The Top 5 Printed Promotional Items for Small Businesses


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Cambridge Printing Printed promotional items at shops are an economical but highly effective marketing strategy for small businesses looking to establish themselves with new customers. Here are the top five printed promotional products that are ideal for small business marketing strategies.

Business Cards

Business cards remain one of the most versatile and essential printed promotional items for any small business. They provide an easy way to give new contacts your key details and enable them to get in touch in future. Opt for good thick card stock and include your logo, website, phone number, email, social media links, and a short tagline or description of your business. Have space on the back for a map, image or additional text if you wish. Hand these out readily and ask new contacts to add your details to their phone.


Calendars can provide months of ongoing promotion for your small business. Choose an engaging design from a print service Cambridge, include key dates for your sector, and have your logo, images, contact details and a call-to-action on each month’s page. Give these to customers and contacts to display in their office or home. This provides constant visual reminders of your brand. Pair with a competition or promotion for extra impact.


Promotional pens are affordable, useful, and something that most people use daily. Choose pens in your brand colours with your logo and website printed on them. Hand these out at networking events, conferences, client meetings, and trade shows. People are likely to use them frequently, increasing brand impressions. Just avoid cheap plastic pens that may break quickly or feel flimsy. Spend a little more for good quality to make a better impression.


Notepads are another useful item that tends to get used often, providing repeat brand impressions. Opt for ones that are made with recycled paper to fit with a green brand image. Have your logo, call-to-action and contact details on the front. Hand out to potential customers and at trade shows. This provides a handy tool for making notes about your business. Pair it with a promotional pen for maximum impact.

Tote Bags

Promotional tote bags from a print shop Cambridge enable you to get your brand in front of a wide audience as recipients will use it frequently for shopping, work, or travel. Opt for a durable yet environmentally friendly material like cotton canvas. Make sure the design is eye-catching and includes key brand elements like your logo, website, tagline and contact information. Take a stack to conferences, exhibitions, and sponsored events. The recipient will appreciate receiving a useful item and you’ll benefit from extended brand exposure.

The Right Printed Promotional Items

Choosing the right printed promotional products involves opting for useful, relevant items that represent your brand well and will actually be used frequently by the recipients. This transforms the items into mini-billboards for your small business. Combine great design with practicality to get the most value. Spend time chatting to recipients when giving out items and include a call-to-action or special offer to drive further engagement.

With the right strategy, printed promotional giveaways can become a key part of your marketing approach.


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