The Dos and Don’ts of Event Planning


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An event is a formal gathering of two or more people in an organized activity with the intention of the attainment of an individual, group, or organization’s goals. While it may sound simple on paper, planning an event such as a award ceremony is a challenging job, especially if it isn’t your normal line of work.

The Dos and Don'ts of Event Planning

For some people, event planning could be as simple as throwing a birthday party for their child at home. For others, it can be anything from coordinating events for thousands and thousands of people to personal shopping for high-end clients. Event planners need to be creative and have impeccable organizational skills if they are looking to succeed in this field.

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“The Dos”

Here are some tips for your event planning plans. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to have a successful event without having to worry about anything!

Do get a second (or third!) opinion

It can’t hurt to get another opinion. A second opinion is especially helpful if you are emotionally attached to your plan. You may think your plan is perfect, but this is often not the case. You want to be sure that you’ve done everything possible to make your event special, and another viewpoint can help you achieve this certainty. For example, you may have a venue in mind, but a colleague might suggest a day at Discover Center space experience center.

Do keep it simple

Events can become complicated quickly; they don’t have to be. Keep the guest list small, set up a simple catering service, and stick to one theme when possible (such as an old-fashioned summer carnival). Also, shortlist the available event venues in singapore and then decide which one will best suit your requirements and budget.

Do try to be innovative

It is very important for a perfect event planning that you must be innovative in every way when it comes to even planning. Innovation makes it perfect in every way. One can also reach out even management organizations like event styling Sydney that are reputed in the market.

Do brainstorm

A simple brainstorming session can help you think outside the box and come up with creative ideas to make your event special. You can’t go wrong when you ask other people for their opinion on what would be great for an event.

Do plan ahead

The most successful events are planned right down to the very last detail. Take the time to plan your event, and it will pay off in the end with a fun, memorable celebration that everyone will enjoy!

“The Dont’s”

The following are tips on what to avoid.

Don’t forget your rules and regulations.

You must set rules for any event you’re planning. For example, you may have a high-school rule that says your ‘prom’ must take place on the weekend. If you don’t follow the rules of the school and people complain that you are going against those rules, you could be in trouble.

Don’t forget ideas from other parties

When you plan an event, it helps if you can pick up ideas from other parties and incorporate them into your own party plans. Once you’ve done this, you will know exactly what to do when it comes to your party.

Don’t forget about how many people you’re planning

You may think that the number one priority is to decorate, but if there are too many people at an event, you run a risk of having them become bored with waiting for their turn through the line and becoming rude or disruptive.

Ask yourself, “what are my strengths as an event planner?” Your strengths show through in every aspect of planning your event. You need to be creative and strategic, and it helps if that comes naturally to you.

The most successful events are planned right down to the very last detail.


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