The Need for a Signage: A Marketing Tool for Businesses


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As an entrepreneur, it is important to do everything in your power to make your business known, and that includes putting up architectural signage at the front or above your store. From recognisable logos that will make your company stand out to the stylised letters that make up your company’s name, you need signage to communicate to the public that you are open for business. But what are signages, and what makes them so important for a business?

The Need for a Signage: A Marketing Tool for Businesses

What is Signage?

Signage is the logo above the entrance of a store. It is typically the store’s name and sometimes includes a symbol, image, or mascot. Some of the most iconic logos in the world, such as McDonald’s yellow arches, Nike’s checkmark, and Coca Cola’s stylised font, speaks volumes to the masses about the company.

What makes them stand out is that they are easily recognisable and can grab the attention of anyone passing by. You may notice that store branches have the same logos on the signage, and because of the familiarity, anyone can recognise them right away. You will not even need to look hard to locate the store. It is one of the most useful marketing tools that every business should use to make your store visible. In today’s digital age, businesses can also take advantage of digital signage design to create eye-catching displays that can enhance their brand, increase foot traffic to their store, and take marketing to the next level.

A Marketing Juggernaut

Although there are so many ways a company can market its business, captivating signage is always at the top when leaving an impression on passersby. Whether you want a classic-styled or a digital one, it will attract people’s attention by its colour, light, font, and texture. But what makes it so impactful in the first place?

The signage above the front doors of your store reflects your company’s brand. It identifies your company and what it stands for. It leaves an impactful first impression on regular customers and potential clients, which is important in growing your business. If it sticks out among the rest in a good way, you know your business will succeed. Using signages as a marketing tool can grab the attention of people even from a distance.

Why Get it for Your Business?

Now that you know how impactful signage is for a business, you must take it seriously if you are an entrepreneur planning to set up shop. You need one that will brand your business and make it stand out among the rest, especially if the store that you will be opening will be among many around it. The sign itself tells customers about your company without actually saying it in so many words. That one word, or two, will be the first step to the success of your business.

From the colour combination to the creative font style and lettering, your store’s signage can make a connection between your company’s brand and your customers. Attention-grabbing architectural signage at the front of your store speaks volumes about your company, so it will be an investment worth making. You may also want to consider digital signages to attract even more attention. So, once you have decided on having your signage professionally made, look out for design companies that offer architectural signage services so that you can make your store visible and leave a big impression on your customers.


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