The Need for Temporary Staff in Portland


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Temporary staff as a “magic wand” in the modern labor market

A well-staffed or employees who have already worked together, colleagues who understand each other, and most importantly a boss at a glance – a magically ideal picture of any company, but, alas, like any magic is far from reality. In life, everything is a little different.

One employee is sick, another is eager to go on vacation, seasonal peaks at work, and so on. Accordingly, a problem arises – a lack of personnel. What should the manager take in this situation – cut back on production or recruit “people by ad”? And in fact, and in another case, this is the rapid death of the enterprise.

The Need for Temporary Staff in Portland

If you have a business in Portland, and you are facing the same problem, you might be thought of hiring temporary staff in this situation. When you search “temp agency Portland” you will find many results. But before selecting any company, there are some factors you must take into account. Let’s discuss them in detail:

4 Types Of Temporary Staff

In these cases, like no one else, a temporary employee saves the situation. First, let’s understand the terminology. Often, companies that specialize in temporary recruiting services use their own terminology.

  1. For example, such as: staff leasing (personnel leasing) – a recruitment agency when an employment contract with the employee on his own behalf and sends it to work in any company for the long term. This is mainly used when employing a qualified professional on a regular basis.
  2. Temporary staffing (selection of temporary personnel) is the employment of personnel for a short period. As a rule, these are administrative or service personnel of one-time events.
  3. Outstaffing – a recruiting company formalizes the existing personnel of the client company in its own name.
  4. Outsourcing (external source) is a well-known concept; that is, it is not an employee who is leased, but his services—for example – computer maintenance, cleaning of premises, etc.

Cases When You May Need A Temporary Employee

Temporary staff can be an ideal solution for exhibitions and promotions. That is, with one-time events and also, if the company has seasonal production peaks. For example, at Christmas, you may need extra staff if you are running a clothing or decoration business. Obviously, the additional workforce will be needed, but without recruiting.

Well, of course, you may need temporary staff in case of force majeure in enterprises, for example, in the absence of a full-time employee due to illness, vacation, or decree. A recruiting company that provides temporary staff takes over the entire process related to documentation – drawing up a contract, paying salaries to a temporary employee.

The agency and the client discuss the conditions and cost of temporary personnel individually; it all depends on the number and qualifications of the required employees.

Advantages Of Temp Agency

There are many advantages when hiring temporary employees – efficiency, quality, no downtime if a temporary employee is sick, as well as the ability to hire him over time, thereby avoiding the cost of searching and recruiting personnel. But what is most important for a business in Portland?

This is, of course, cost and speed.


Speedwork is the biggest advantage of temp agencies. Now you don’t need to conduct interviews and read all resumes. Temp agency solves this problem. Usually, the agency will find employees for you in 1-3 months, and your business processes can start immediately. Hence, you will be able to generate profits for your business quickly.

The cost

Are you looking for low labor costs?

Temporary staffing can help you reduce labour costs by at least 40% , as many personnel leasing companies are located or hire personnel from developing countries where the cost of living is lower than in economically developed countries.

This allows staff leasing providers to find talents who are willing to work for clients, who offer a compensation package that is competitive for their lifestyle and needs.

Bottom Line

In all cases, when you need a temp agency in Portland, you must know your needs, the types of temporary staff, and the advantages they provide. In this way, you can select a suitable temp agency for you to provide you the staff according to your requirements.


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