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JPG is indicated as the widely used image file format around the internet. However, the time comes when JPG images are packed with text data and you need to share it across certain platforms. It is not at all possible to copy or edit the JPG text data directly. This is where you have to consider the OCR-based JPG to Word converter that turns images into MS Word editable or searchable documents without any hassle.

Dedicated JPG to Word Converter

Using a dedicated image to word converter makes perfect sense as it lets you perform straightforward conversions. There are a wide variety of online converters available around the internet that lets you convert jpg to word document format with OCR. You could find that most of them are 100% free and process powerful file transformations.

We already tested different photos to MS Word converters, and to be honest, there’s not any considerable difference between them. For the best choice, we proceeded with a JPG to Word converter from a desktop-based application like that uses advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) process to convert image text to MS Word file.

These are the steps that lets you export JPG as Word format with card scanner:

  • Open web-browser and navigate to cardscanner website > More Tools > JPG to Word converter
  • Start uploading JPG images into this converter as your preferred method, you could add up to 20 images at once
  • Click Convert
  • You can find that this OCR image to word converter only takes couple of seconds to extract text from image, just make a single click to download the extracted MS word text file


It is a patent source that works online to manage and convert certain document files including word, pdf, and more. Despiste that, you can enjoy different format conversions for users convenience. No matter how many jpg images with text you have, this jpg to word converter performs significantly.

Following steps lets you turn JPG into Word with PDFconverter:

● Head to pdfconverter using your browser and start choosing JPG to Word on the homepage
● Right after that, make a click anywhere inside the dotted area for swiftly uploading your jpg image. ALternatively, you can easily import your images from Google Drive or Dropbox
● This picture to word converter starts the conversions automatically. But, you ought to save (Download) the newly transformed WOrd document manually

Google Drive

Google Drive is referred to as the experts choice Cloud based service around the internet. Using this cloud-storage platform, you can easily export your existing images as word files with accurate quality text extraction. Let’s find the steps:

  • Just start with opening Google Drive and sign in into your Google account
  • Right after that, click the existing New button for uploading (improting) your JPG files into Google Drive
  • Then, make a right click on the added image and choose “Open with Google Docs”
  • Finally, downloading the docs file as a .docx document is a single click away

Although it is a solution by Google, still it serves you jpg to word conversion for free of cost. Both Google Drive as well as Google Docs does not ask for payment when used.


You have explored different converters that mainly function to convert jpg to word, and they all are proven best in the regard. Remember that both Google Drive and cardscanner dedicated jpg to word converter helps you to create OCR based word files from existing JPG or JPEG images.


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