Top 3 Ways to Select Shoes for Optimum Comfort


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The variety of designs and colours of shoes can be extremely mesmerizing. But the majority of footwear sold will be neither comfortable nor good for the feet. It is reported that at least 50% of Americans suffer from a foot ailment rooted in wearing uncomfortable footwear. You’re not required to suffer for fashion. It will help if you purchase shoes that have comfortable features for the health of your feet. There are plenty of shoes for women and men online. Purchase your next best shoe in an online store, which allows you to browse hundreds of designs. You might discover something that is the ultimate match for your style.

Top 3 Ways to Select Shoes for Optimum Comfort

Examine the Shape of Your Feet

Whether you are buying footwear Australia or America or in any other part of the world shape of your feet matters in every scenario. You cannot afford to buy a shape of the shoe that is ideal for other foot shape and not for yours. It will leads to a poor fit of the shoe in your foot and you will not feel comfortable in such state. So first off, measure your feet. Measuring the side of your foot is the first crucial step to obtaining comfortable shoes. Most shoe stores will have measuring devices, and salespeople will be more than happy to help you get your accurate measurement. It is typical for people to have feet that are two different sizes. Because of this, you need to select the size that matches your larger foot. Getting the right measurement is especially crucial for shoes for women since the designs are more complex such as in sandals and high heels.

Nighttime is ideal for measuring your feet. It is the time when your feet are most swollen due to temperature changes. If you opt for shoes that fit your foot comfortably by the end of the day, they will be comfortable for the rest of the day.

It is crucial to measure your feet every few years. Your feet tend to change shape over the years. You need a half-inch allowance between your longest toe and your shoe’s end for optimum comfort.

Know Your Arch Type

Most feet will fall into any of the three types based on the shape of the arch. Choose shoes that can accommodate your unique arch shape to get an optimal fit. If you’re not sure about the arch of your feet, examine your footprint. If you can see a huge portion of your footprint, you are likely to have a low arch. If you see very little, you have a high arched foot.

  • For neutral arched feet opt for firm midsoles – Neutral arched foot individuals are lucky since they do not have to compensate for the shortcomings associated with extreme arches. Shoes with firm midsoles and moderate stability are good choices for comfort and durability since they help sustain the foot’s natural movement.
  • Select a shoe with a straight design for low arch feet – Low arches result in strain on the muscles and joints of the lower body. Because of this, it is crucial to select footwear with a straight last and optimal motion control to help accommodate your gait. It would be best to look for shoes with raised insoles and supports that soothes the excess pressure placed on the feet.
  • Opt for shoes with arch supports for high arched feet – Steep arches can result in stress on joints and overall foot ache. Look for footwear that has conditioning support for the arch to mitigate some of the impacts that your foot experiences during movement.

Make Sure Your Feet Fit the Shoes

Although it may sound obvious, the shoe must be roomy enough for your foot to rest in it comfortably. It should accommodate the ball of your foot and toe areas. You may want to opt for shoes with a false front. These shoes are longer at the toe area, which gives your toes optimum room and keeps them from being squeezed.


Your footwear can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. Choose wisely to begin with to save yourself from foot ache. It is especially crucial to wear comfortable footwear if you are in a profession that requires you to be on your feet all day. Fortunately, there are tons of footwear available in great designs utilizing state-of-the-art technology, so you can choose the best pair that offers comfort and style.


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