Top 4 Conspiracy Theories to Get Your Teeth Into


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If you love a mystery, you’ll likely enjoy losing yourself in a conspiracy theory from time to time. And to help you get going, we’ve got four theories to get your teeth into.

Top 4 Conspiracy Theories to Get Your Teeth Into

Subliminal advertising

One conspiracy that never seems to die down is the idea of subliminal advertising. If you’ve ever sat watching the ads and suddenly had the urge to do something like grab a specific snack or buy a new car, could you have been subliminally advertised to?

Authors like Wilson Bryan Key and Vance Packard claim that subliminal messages are incorporated into the shows and adverts we see. Although both author’s books have now been somewhat discredited, the evidence is kind of convincing when taken with a pinch of salt.

Subliminal mental processing does exist, but finding a way to use this to actually change the actions of a person is a different matter.

Was the moon landing a hoax?

Of course, no list of conspiracy theories would be complete without some mention of the moon landing.

Today there is still a huge number of people who believe that the 1960 Apollo moon landing never happened – and there’s even a film that follows a similar storyline (Capricorn One, 1978).

Everything from camera angles, additional lighting, and the fact the American flag could look to be flapping in the wind is cause for suspicion, and there’s plenty of people offering their own evidence and ideas online.

Paul McCartney’s Death

Conspiracy circles around The Beatle’s bassist and vocalist, Paul McCartney. The theory suggests that McCartney actually died in 1966 and was replaced by a look-alike to join the remaining band members.

Everything from jawline structure to subliminal messaging in album covers and music has been provided as evidence for the theory, so if you’re a music lover, you’ll love diving into the depths of this particular case.

The Roswell UFO Crash

If you’re an avid follower of UFO news, you’ll certainly have heard of the Roswell crash ‘cover up’. This is probably one of the most popular conspiracy theories that believers and skeptics agree on.

In 1947, something crashed on a remote ranch in New Mexico. The government claimed at the time it was some sort of UFO saucer but later retracted the statement and reported it as a weather balloon.

Original eyewitness statements suggest the wreckage had silvery metal parts with strange symbols. Decades later, the conspiracy got a new wave of publicity after new theories of alien bodies being discovered in the wreckage were announced.

Since then, there have been books, TV shows, and films all about UFOs and the potential for government cover-up, so you’ll have plenty to dive into.

There are so many more conspiracies to read up about if you like to walk on the suspicious side. Everything from satanic cults to ‘big pharma’ theories can be found online, with enough followers to make even the biggest skeptic consider the possibility.

Let us know what your favorite conspiracies are or which ones you actually believe?


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