Cat Health and Safety: Basic Tips and Tricks for Cat Owners


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Australia has over 6.6 million cat population, out of which 3.8 million are taken care of as pets. Cat owners must consider their safety and health asking questions like, how often do they want to take a cat to a veterinarian? Or if they have installed a cat patio door to safeguard them in and around the house. Preventive attention is crucial when it comes to the physical health of pets.

Cat Health and Safety - Basic Tips and Tricks for Cat Owners

Groom The Cat Frequently

Whether the cats have a short or long coat of fur, they will benefit from regular combing, brushing and trimming. This helps remove dead hair from their fur coat and keeps them from choking while grooming themselves. It also allows them and the owners to notice irregularities in their bodies such as bumps, lumps, or sores can take them to the vet immediately.

Keep Fresh Drinking Water Every Day.

Fresh and clean water is necessary to ensure the health of the cat. If the cat does not drink from the bowl, owners must consider buying a tall glass or a water fountain for cats to allow them to drink water without bending down. They must restore water with a new deal every day.

Make Sure to Have Enough Litter Boxes.

A common rule that every cat owner must follow is to have one litter box per cat plus one extra. So, those who have two cats must have three litters. To encourage good littering habits, they must train the cats to use the boxes and clean them by scooping them up at least once a day. Regular cleaning also helps them note any differences in its stool or urine, indicating health problems. A change in litter habits could indicate urinary tract infection or other medical issues.

Install a Scratching Post and a Patio Door for the Cat

A scratching post not only helps prevent the cats from damaging the furniture, but it also helps them stretch their muscles and maintain those claws in perfect condition. Allowing them to scratch on regular surfaces like sisal, carpet, or cardboard can help remove older layers of hair and claws. A cat patio door helps them move in and out of the house freely to fend for themselves and their health without human intervention.

Use a Cat Carrier During Transport

While transporting the cat to the veterinarian, a new home, friend’s houses or the park, owners must bring the cat in suitable support designed for cats. Allowing the cat to travel freely in the car can make owners lose focus on safe driving. Plus, it also helps protect the interiors of the car.

Clean Their Teeth Regularly

Like humans, cats can develop tooth decay and gum diseases due to tartar on their teeth. The bacteria that accumulate on its teeth can also penetrate its bloodstream, leading to other diseases. Many cats do not let their owners brush them. To ensure the cat’s teeth are in perfect condition, owners must take them to the veterinarian at least once a year.
Choose a Veterinarian Specializing in Feline Health

Cats are not small versions of dogs. Therefore, they have different

requirements when it comes to their health and care. A veterinarian specializing in felines can be valuable to keep the cat in its best health. Owners can find a doctor in their area through the Australian Cat Federation. Owners must plan to visit veterinary regularly and get their vaccines up-to-date.

Neuter or Spay the Cat

Cats can also experience health issues like prostate issues, testicular cancer, breast tumour, ovarian cancer and uterine infections. Neutering can help prevent cats from developing them.


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