Top Best Passive Income Ideas to Grow Income


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Passive income is income where you don’t have to give efforts or less effort. This income is like extra contribution to your regular job salary. Sometimes for Passive income you have to do some level of management first, after some time you will get income without involving your time and effort. You can say that Passive income is regular cash flow without any trouble of management of business. Here are some passive income ideas.


There are a lot of companies who are willing to pay Dividends to their stockholders. This is very friendly way to collect cash whereas it does not demand you to do anything. In stock market Investing in Dividend is stable income source for passive income. It is a long term income return way which provides constant and unfluctuating cash flow. You can invest in reliable companies for receiving dividend

Honey Smart Shopping Assistant

Honey is an app which is 100% free to use for anyone. The app extension doesn’t work on mobile device because most mobile browser do not authorize extensions to run, RIGHT now it’s not an app but they are working on it and it will be available in February, 2019. If you are thinking what Honey is working with then here is your answer. You just have to shop normally online from your favourite app or website and honey will apply coupon codes and offers to your shopping cart with the biggest savings. Honey works with 1000+ online store. So shop and save money and get passive income. It is for short but something is better than nothing.


You tube has given opportunities to a millions who wants to show their skills and talent to the world. With you tube you can make money from home. It is not a full time job so you can do youtube videos when you are free or don’t have anything to do. YouTube provides one of the best sources of passive income opportunities. You can run your youtube channel with different manner like Ads/YouTube monetization, Paid subscription channel, Affiliate marketing and introduce App and rewards program referrals videos. With all these you can get income with a little effort, so Youtube is also a better way for passive income.


Airbnb is interesting business model to gain good amount of passive income. Here customers can easily find your property for vacation rental purpose. You can get more profit if you change your rental property to Airbnb business property. Just add about your house or rooms that you want to give for rent to tourists and decide average range for rent, upload photos of property. Now you are good to go. People can share their space with any person around the world, so with this procedure you don’t have to work and still getting income. So these airbnb rental houses are also best way of passive income.

Publish an E-book

If you are good in writing than you can have income in your pocket regularly. Just write a book and publish it as e-book and you will have constant money coming to your way. You have to remember that you can write on Topic of your knowledge, Topic you enjoy or Topic you are in expert so that people would come to read your book. After publishing you can have passive income to yourself when people come to buy the book every time.

Silent partner

If you have enough investment but no time or skill for business then you can become a silent partner. You just need is investment for business, the other partners will work for the company. Silent partner has no work to do just invest in startups or business and participate in profit. The profit will be passive income for the Silent partner because the person gains income without making any effort other than investing.


Stuvia is an app where you can sell your study material online. The platform makes it simple to upload you study material that you have already use and you can set price as per you like. You just have to create an account. Stuvia is a quick setup for passive income. It has enough potential to make short term passive money for you.


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