Types of Paintings you Can Gift to Your Boyfriend on Valentine


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Valentine is a very special occasion for love birds and they passionately wait for entire year to turn up this day. Apart from the enthusiasm that is associated with the day couples are also worried about what to gift each other in order to make the partner feel special and out of the world. With this zeal many couple starts browsing through internet to figure out the best gift for their loved one but in vain as they find those stereotypical gifts on various e-commerce sites. Under such circumstances cute painting ideas for boyfriend could be helpful for the couples. The beautiful highland cow canvas wall art can mesmerize any heart very easily and it is the best option you can gift to someone. This is because when this wall painting will be hanged on the wall it will remind them about you. So this is the best option as a gift for your valentine.

Types of Paintings you Can Gift to Your Boyfriend on Valentine

You can paint a picture, portrait, moment or anything that your partner is fond of and gift him. Such gift will leave a unique impression in his heart and he will definitely cherish your gift forever. Even if you have already gifted a painting previously to him still the charm of painting will never fade as every time you will paint something new and that is something he will hold throughout his life. Here are few ideas for painting that you can gift to your boyfriend on valentine or any other occasion for that matters.

When it comes to the most unique, romantic, and meaningful gift, I’m sure that no one can compare it with a custom gift made by yourself. The price of such a gift may vary, but the time and effort that goes into it cannot be measured in monetary terms. What we most recommend are custom enamel pins no minimum, they can be designed and printed for your special days, pictures, or even your paintings. Every moment of the coming romantic day, your boy will be able to see the exquisite custom pins you have carefully designed. Check EnamelPins now!

How paintings serves the best gifting idea for Boyfriend

A gift is something that we give to someone in order to make him realize that he is very special to us. Buying a rose, a dress from market, luxury watches and wallets can never make someone feel special in any way. But if you will put some efforts by making cute paintings for boyfriend they will surely feel out of the world with such gifts. Paintings are the best way to express our feelings towards someone that how special someone is for us and that is why you can gift your boyfriend a painting that reflects your emotions towards him on Valentine.

• Gift a hand-painted Coffee Mug to your man

Gift a hand-painted Coffee Mug to your man

If you are hovering on what to gift your boyfriend on this valentine to make him realize that how much you loves him then a coffee mug with painting could be a unique and great idea. There are scores of painting ideas for boyfriend but gifting a hand painted coffee mug is something which is not orthodox and you can win the heart of your man by gifting such exclusive gift on valentine. Just buy a white plain mug and paint it according to your imagination and you can paint that your man is fond of like nature, television character, celebrity or anything else of this sort. If your boyfriend is not interested in coffee or tea even then you can gift the same thing by making little modifications like coffee mug could be replaced by something he can use for drinking water or any other drink for that matter.

• Canvas paintings could be unique idea to gift

Canvas paintings could be unique idea to gift

Today is the era of canvas when it comes to paintings, just buy a piece of canvas from the market and paint anything of your choice on it. You can simply framed canvas photo prints to gift your loved ones or boyfriend on valentine or related occasion like his birthday or can put some extra creativity on it. For example just figure out the cute things to paint for your boyfriend on canvas and then you can give this painting a bag shape or something or similar sort. Canvas bag with customized hand painting is something that he will surely fall in love with forever. It is not necessary that you are using canvas bags only there could be multiple ideas that you can apply to a canvas painting like mold it into a napkin, table cloth or anything else that can goes well with is choice.

• Make this valentine special by gifting a portrait of your Boyfriend

Make this valentine special by gifting a portrait of your Boyfriend

If you are fed up with gifting stereotypical gifts to your boyfriend and want to do something extra on this valentine make sure to collect some ideas for relationship cute paintings for boyfriend this time. You can make a portrait painting of your boyfriend and gift it to him on the eve of valentine. He will definitely appreciate your efforts for gifting something of such sort on this special occasion.

More he will also put extra efforts next time to gift you a special thing in order to reciprocate your feelings. Make sure that a portrait is well painted and it is not messy although he is going to love your efforts to make him feel special but still you have to create a tinge of professionalism in the portrait. You can try out beginner painting for boyfriend in order to learn the fundamentals of painting as well.

Painting ideas for newbie to make a painting for boyfriend on valentine

By now you must have convinced that painting could be the best gift for boyfriend on valentine and you can choose easy cute paintings for boyfriend to make him feel special. If you have plunged to the profession of paintings recently just to paint a special painting for your loved one and not a pro then have a look on the tips that will help you to paint a masterpiece of painting without any issue.

Acquire an idea of painting colours

The first thing that you have to excel in is to gather the knowledge of painting colours. Market is full of diverse range of colours that are used in paintings. So you have to know the fundamentals that which colour is going to meet your need and which is to buy for painting a picture or coffee mug for your boyfriend of Valentine or on his birthday. Easy painting ideas for boyfriend can be adopted when you know at least the stuff used in painting.

You can join a painting class for beginners

If you are not having any idea about painting and going to paint something for the very first time in life for your boyfriend then make sure you join a painting class meant for beginners. It will help you to develop in a good painter in shortest span of time. You can gather cute canvas painting ideas for boyfriend from such classes. At the same time your painting skills will be enhanced under the supervision of experts.

Internet can be your best teacher to learn painting

Today internet is the best teacher for all your problems and questions that you raise to it. If you are looking for painting ideas for your boyfriend then internet could be your best guide in this process. You can search out on YouTube about which type of painting you want to paint for your boyfriend in order to gift him and a lot of results will be lined up in front of you. Easy paintings for boyfriend can be painted with the help of YouTube. So next time if you will get baffled while painting something make sure to recall YouTube or internet as your guide or teacher in every way to help you in learning the basics of painting.

Understand the fundamentals very carefully

If you want to be a good painter like pro make sure that the fundamental concepts of paintings are crystal clear to you. There are people who starts painting in a random way without bothering about the basics and as a result of which end of creating a blunder instead of painting. If you want to escape from such sort of errors while gifting a painting to your boyfriend on valentine or such other occasion you can just figure out the basics of painting from different platforms.

Do not rush in hurry

Painting is a time consuming process and you cannot make it in hurry because you have to be very much patient while making a masterpiece of painting. Sometimes you have to invest two or more months in preparing a single piece of painting on canvas and other times it can be completed in even few days. So always keep time in your pocket when you are thinking of having a painting for your boyfriend or husband for gifting purpose on valentine.

So by now you must be clear about the benefits of gifting a painting to your boyfriend on special occasion like birthday, valentine or a triumph of success. The idea of gifting paintings on such special times is unbeatable and can get you inch closer to the heart of your man. The only thing you have to ensure is that you are not painting anything that can offend him or make him sad. Always paint the joyful moments on the canvas so that you can make their day with your painting. More you need not to be perfect in painting while gifting a portrait or painting to him it is just to showcase your love and intentions towards him that he is someone very special to you. Easy boyfriend cute love paintings can be painted by you when you are making them from your heart and soul.


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