What Are The Next Steps After Receiving Your Personal Injury Compensation?


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People get injured all the time. Someone may get hurt as a result of conditions in their own home. In other instances, they can get hurt because of someone else’s actions. For example, they may trip and fall because city officials failed to keep the sidewalks in good shape. A customer can walk into a store and slip because the floors were not well maintained or because someone was mopping and failed to warn people that the floors are wet. A person can also have physical issues if they get into a car accident. Another driver may run a red light and smash into their car. These are all circumstances where it may be possible to seek legal redress under the court system. If one party was responsible and failed to meet such responsibilities, the other party can be entitled to sorts of compensation. Those who are starting the process or have already done so should under what kind of steps are involved. Doing so can help them on their road to a fast recovery and make it easy to return to life before the accident.

What Are The Next Steps After Receiving Your Personal Injury Compensation

Going to Court

If you are injured, you can go to court. The courts will hear your case and determine if it has merit. Most people have a lawyer to represent their interests at this point. Many factors go into the resolution of any legal case. This includes the extent of the injury, an pre-existing conditions and if the company or other organization has not been acting in good faith before. The legal system may also take into account specifics such any failure to act in good faith on the claimant’s part. They may decide that the claimant bears at least some responsibility for what happened during the accident. This is why it is best to speak with a lawyer. A Perth no win no fee law firm can outline all such potential outcomes before the case begins.

A Verdict

Court officials will hear any evidence pertaining to the case. They can then make several kinds of verdicts. They may decide to deny compensation as the party in question was at fault. They may also decide a financial award is merited. A typical settlement varied depending on factors that may also be decided by the courts. For example, the court might rule that one party bears thirty percent of the cost while the other is responsible for the rest. A verdict will typically cover many things in the case. The verdict may include a specific sum of money the party responsible needs to pay. It can also include a rebuke from the court. A company may be facing fines because they have repeatedly acted in ways that are contrary to the public interest despite being told to stop in the past. Anyone with a settlement may be wondering what happens next. There’s an established process that takes place that will play out and offer the compensation they deserve under state laws.

Signing Documents

The general first step when getting any form of personal injury compensation is to sign what is known as a legal release. This is a legal document that confirms the agreement with the company or other organization involved in the process. Signing the release confirms that the person does not have any further legal claim on the organization. A lawyer will explain what’s in the document. They may ask for the document to redone in the client’s favor. They may also provide additional documentation that must be signed at this time. It’s best to ask any questions right now.

The Settlement Check

Settlement checks come in all sorts of varied amounts. The party responsible for this issue will issue a check after the court proceedings have been concluded. The court system may take some time to determine the amount of money that must be paid. If the case is particularly complicated, the plaintiff may decide to settle for a specific sum that is smaller than the one sought. In that case, the amount of money will reflect the reduced settlement. The check is traditionally held by the lawyer rather than issued to the client directly. This is often because companies being used are usually large companies with lots of assets. They typically have a legal department. The legal department may also need to work with state agencies in order to make sure that any settlement they give is entirely fair. Doing so can help make sure there are no legal issues with the funds that need to be cleared up. Keep in mind the process of getting a check and any funds owned may take some time. The check needs to clear. If there are any issues with the money as it is not in the exact amount agreed upon, this can further delay any kind of settlement for as much as a month or longer.

According to the Royko law firm, getting the settlement check is not the end of a personal injury lawsuit. You need to ensure that all your bills are paid and that you are submitting proper documentation for utilization of the settlement fund to pay for the damages. In other words, you cannot take a settlement check and buy a new car with it. This will only land you in trouble and invite a case of forgery or fraud. A good personal injury lawyer and law firm can help you manage the settlement fund and allow you to ensure that you do not have any lawsuits that are knocking on your door because of improper handling of the settlement funds.

Escrow and Payment

Many other factors may impede the release of the final round of funds. For example, the plaintiff may have bills that have not yet been paid. In that case, they can potentially claim part of any settlement funds. The same is true of any legal fees that are due at the time. All clients should know what kind of legal fees they might need to pay. In many instances, the lawyer agrees to work for free while the case is going through the court system. In that case, the lawyer may hold the funds available in an escrow account until the check clears. Once it does, they will send their client the rest of the remaining funds. In some instances, the check may be error. A lawyer can keep the money on hand until this situation is resolved to the satisfaction of all concerned. It’s best to keep a close eye on the process as it continues. This helps anyone make sure they get the funds they owed for personal injury compensation.


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