What Do Injury Lawyers in Illinois Do?


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If you have been alive for more than five years, then you probably know that getting hurt happens often. Usually, the injuries you receive are accidental and caused by a slip or fall. These mistakes are a natural part of life. However, there are other times when we get hurt because of the actions of someone else. It is in these scenarios where injuries can be truly frustrating because they could have been avoided if the person had been more careful.

What Do Injury Lawyers in Illinois Do

When another person’s actions cause you to be injured in Joliet, IL, you have the right to pursue a personal injury claim against them. To do this effectively, you will probably want to work with a personal injury lawyer that has a lot of experience with the scenario that led to your injury, whether it was a car accident, dog bite, workplace injury, or premises liability situation.

But what is the point of hiring a lawyer to help you file your claim? What benefits do they provide and are they worth the cost? To help you better understand the role of this type of legal professional, here are a few facts about how they can help you in a personal injury case.

Assessing Damages

To file a personal injury claim against another party, you need to have suffered damages as a result of the incident. Damages can include hospital bills from your recovery, property damage, lost income, or even burial costs if a loved one died because of the incident. The point of a claim is to pursue compensation to have these damages covered so that you are not financially ruined after the incident. A Joliet personal injury lawyer will work alongside you to assess the various damages that you have suffered because of the injury. This might entail compiling receipts, pay stubs, and medical bills that can help them calculate the level of damages suffered.

Compiling Evidence

To win a personal injury claim, you will need a lot of evidence. The onus is on you to prove that the other party behaved negligently and caused your injury. No matter what type of case you are pursuing, the evidence has to show that the incident was their fault. If the data is not strong enough to prove this, then you will not receive any compensation, or at least not as much as you think you should. Lawyers know what kind of empirical information can serve as strong evidence for your case. They will discuss with you the nature of the case and see if there are eyewitness testimonies, camera footage reels, or other data points to collect that will support your claim.

Negotiating with Insurance Companies

Often, the compensation you receive will be coming from an insurance company. Negotiating for a fair settlement is an intimidating prospect for injured victims in Joliet, IL, especially when the other party has the resources of a large insurance company. Rather than accepting the first offer from this entity, which is usually a lowball offer to avoid larger payouts, having an attorney on your side can give you the negotiating power needed to obtain fair compensation. This attorney knows what you deserve and they know how to put pressure on the insurance carrier to get closer to that number. Personal injury settlement amounts can vary, so working with a legal professional can help you earn what is fair.

Representation in Court

Most injury cases are settled outside of court. However, there is always the possibility that the case can become a long, drawn-out battle that does advance to a court hearing. In this case, the injury lawyer would represent you throughout the proceeding, offering legal advice and making sure that you understand the process and do not undermine your case with what you say.

Unique Payment Structure

Attorneys have to get paid somehow, and this is one of many things to consider when hiring a personal injury lawyer. Many injury attorneys work with a payment structure that depends on the victim winning the case. If you are victorious, then they will receive a percentage of the settlement that was reached. Typically, with this model, lawyer fees will be paid out before you receive any of the money, along with the cost of damages. This ensures that they are compensated for their services out of the settlement fee. Lawyers may charge a flat rate for their services or an hourly rate. It usually depends on their level of experience, the context of the case, and their evaluation of your prospects.

Life Can Be Unexpected, so Be Prepared

Ideally, you will never encounter a situation where hiring an injury attorney in Joliet, IL becomes necessary. But if it does, you need to know how one can help you when filing a claim. Victims who choose to reject legal assistance will find it far more difficult to win their case. If you ever get injured because of another party’s negligence, reach out to a lawyer right away to at least discuss the merits of your case and see if a personal injury claim is worth pursuing to secure your financial future.


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