6 Humorous Pranks to Play on Your Friends


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Are you seeking a method to make your day more fun and humorous? Look no further than these six hilarious pranks to play on your friends. Celebrities like Guy Fieri and Steve Buscemi have gotten in on the fun with their favorite pranks. From substituting pictures of Food Network stars for your friends and family to blending in with family photos like Steve Buscemi, these pranks will surely get your friends laughing (or maybe even screaming). So, let’s dive into these hilarious pranks and start planning your next trick on your friends.

6 Humorous Pranks to Play on Your Friends

The “Fake Out” Drink

If you’re looking for a harmless yet hilarious prank to play on your friends, the “Fake Out” drink is the perfect option. This prank involves filling a wine bottle with grape juice and serving it to your friends, making them believe it’s an alcoholic beverage. Once they take a sip and realize it’s not what they thought, their reaction will surely be priceless.

The great thing about this prank is that it’s easy to execute and requires minimal effort. Grape juice, an empty wine bottle, and a funnel are all required to fill the bottle. You can also add a label to the bottle to make it look more authentic.

Not only is this prank funny, but it’s also a great way to encourage responsible drinking among your friends. Offering them a “fake” drink can prevent them from getting too intoxicated and potentially making poor decisions.

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The “Photo Swap”:

The “Photo Swap” prank is a classic joke that can be played on friends or family members. It involves replacing a family photo with a picture of a celebrity, which can either be someone they admire or can’t stand. The idea is to create a hilarious reaction when the person sees the unexpected image.

This prank can be executed in a variety of ways. For example, you could replace a picture of your friend’s beloved grandmother with an image of their least favorite celebrity. Alternatively, you could swap out a family photo album with a series of images featuring the chosen celebrity, leaving your friend wondering what happened to their cherished memories.

While harmless, this prank can cause much laughter and amusement, especially when done right. Remember to keep the joke light-hearted and not hurtful, and ensure your friend has a good sense of humor before pulling this prank on them.

The “Auto-correct” Trick

The “Auto-correct” trick is a classic prank that can be played on a friend’s phone to bring humor into their lives. By changing their phone’s auto-correct settings, you can replace commonly used words with silly or outrageous ones, creating confusion and hilarity in equal measure. The beauty of this prank is that it can be customized to suit your friend’s personality or interests. For example, if your friend is a fan of Harry Potter, you could change “hello” to “Hogwarts” or “muggle” to “wizard.” Alternatively, you could replace everyday words with tongue twisters or phrases that are difficult to pronounce, such as “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” or “she sells seashells by the seashore.” If done right, the “Auto-correct” trick can be fun and harmless to spice up your friend’s day. However, ensuring that your friend has a good sense of humor and won’t be too annoyed by the prank is important.

However, ensuring that your friend has a good sense of humour and won’t be too annoyed by the prank is important. If done right, the “Auto-correct” trick can be a fun and harmless way to spice up your friend’s day.

The “Musical Chairs” Prank

The “Musical Chairs” Prank is a classic and playful way to prank your friends. It’s simple to set up and can provide hours of laughter and fun. The basic idea is to invite your friends to play a game of musical chairs, but instead of eliminating players when the music stops, everyone sits down except for one person. Keep playing the game, and see how long your friend can catch on to what’s happening.

This prank works best in a group setting, where everyone is willing to participate and keep the secret. If your friend becomes frustrated or upset, it’s time to reveal the prank and apologize. Keeping the prank light-hearted is also important as taking it only a little.

Guy Fieri pranks

This week’s prank involves substituting pictures of Food Network host Guy Fieri for those of your friends and family members. One guy changed all of the photos in his mother’s house with photos of Guy Fieri, including family and friend pictures. It is optional to replace all of the photos of the Food Network host with those of a famous person. The victims might either laugh or scream when they notice the new photos.

Another one is to mail a reality-show audition tape to the network. It is free and available for iPhone and Android devices. Send the audition tape to your friends in advance, as the show will probably be canceled before it airs. Afterward, play the video in front of your friends and see their reactions. They’ll be amused and might even tell you they’re being pranked!

Steve Buscemi pranks

Have you ever tried to pull a Steve Buscemi prank on your friends? If not, it’s a fun way to make the most out of the Hollywood actor’s popularity. Whether you’re an actor or someone looking for a good time, these Steve Buscemi pranks will surely make them smile. They can even be played with your family or friends!

The Buscemi Eyes prank was a hit a decade ago when Steve appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers and was confronted about a popular meme. The actor said he didn’t think the meme was funny, so he made his friend’s eyes look bigger. Seth then showed Buscemified Disney princesses to Buscemi, who replied, “Well, this makes the characters look hotter.”

The prank started as a joke among family members and was called out by Clare Manion in a tweet. Kevin Manion replaced family photos with Steve Buscemi photos and swapped one photo each day until his parents finally noticed. This prank was thought of during the summer break. Kevin, a sneaky brother of Clare Manion, decided to try it on his friends over the summer break.


In conclusion, if you want to add laughter and joy to your life, these six humorous pranks can be a great way to do so. Whether you switch out your family photos with images of Guy Fieri or Steve Buscemi or create a funny reality show audition tape, these pranks will surely create memorable moments with your friends. So, have some fun and get ready to see some hilarious reactions from your loved ones!


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