What Exactly is Endtag? Here’s Your Guide


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Self-confidence is everything – it’s what keeps us motivated to make it through every day. An important aspect of loving yourself is loving the way you look. Even though beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, there are a few imperfections that people could do without.

A skin tag is a small, skin-colored, outgrowth that hangs off of your skin. They range from a few millimeters in size to up to a centimeter. The worst thing about skin tags is that they can form almost anywhere on the body, including your face.

Endtag is a skin-tag-removing, homeopathic medication that contains ingredients approved by the FDA. The product is manufactured by Hempvana and, as the name implies, the active ingredient in Endtag is hemp seed oil.

What Exactly is Endtag? Here's Your Guide

We’ll be talking more about skin tags, endtag, and the benefits of using hemp seed oil in this article.

What Causes Skin-Tags?

Skin tags are skin-colored, soft, overgrowths found anywhere on the body. However, they are most commonly found under the armpits, around the genitals, and on your thighs. They can also be found on your neck or your eyelids in some cases.

Essentially, a skin tag is an overgrowth of your underlying skin. It is a bundle of collagen with blood vessels running underneath it. Based on its common locations, doctors have concluded that skin tags tend to form in areas where there are creases or folds of skin and fat.

Thus, obesity is a major contributing factor for forming skin tags. Although this is by no means conclusive. Skin tags aren’t limited to forming on one demographic – they form on young children, adults, and the elderly who are or are not obese.

The good thing, however, is the fact that skin tags cause no pain or discomfort unless tugged at. Removing a skin tag would therefore be classified under cosmetic surgery which isn’t covered by most medical and health insurance.

This is where Endtag comes in.

What is Endtag?

Endtag is a product manufactured by Hempvana. The product contains FDA-approved, all-natural ingredients that are aimed at drying out the skin tag and having it fall off on its own.

Ingredients contained in the product include hemp seed oil, turmeric, and aloe. Endtag is supplied in 0.5oz bottles with over 50 applications per bottle. The product is to be used three times a day for three weeks for results.

Here’s how it works – apply a generous amount of the product onto the skin tag three times a day for three weeks. Apply it with the provided brush applicator. During the three weeks that follow, you’ll notice the skin tag getting smaller and smaller.

However, while the product aims at drying out the skin tag and having it fall off on its own, it keeps the surrounding skin from drying out. Turmeric and Aloe contained in the product help in moisturizing your skin.


While a skin tag might not be painful, it does cause self-esteem issues in most individuals. Especially when it’s visible on your face or your neck. Endtag uses natural ingredients ideal for all skin types to give consumers ideal results in a short period.


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