When You Should Choose Mylar Bags for Your Product Packaging


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Obtaining the perfect packaging for your product has many angles. Your company needs to look at material, size, price, sustainability and appearance, to name some of the most important elements. One desirable option enables you to optimize all of these facets for a wide range of products: printed mylar bags. The versatility of mylar, when combined with digital printing technology, could give your company a solid competitive advantage.

When You Need Protection Against Moisture

To maximize the shelf life of your product, you need to protect it from the outside environment. Sunshine, heat, cold and humidity can degrade the freshness of food items and other products. Custom mylar bags have the strength and durability to keep out moisture. This type of packaging works especially well for a long list of products, including the following:

  • Bakery foods
  • Coffee and tea
  • Snacks
  • Supplements
  • Pet foods

The durability of suitable flexible packaging means you will have less waste and spoilage of products that depend on remaining fresh. This helps you better plan production runs. When compared to glass and metal packaging, your products will weigh less which makes them inexpensive to transport while cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions. This means your company will experience significant cost savings.

When combined with the evolving technology of digital printing, you can also benefit from smaller print runs with mylar bags. While this has additional positive implications for product waste, it also introduces a nice level of flexibility. With smaller print runs, you can experiment with the different deisgns of your packages, look into seasonal offerings and take advantage of changing consumer behaviors.

When it comes to size and shape, mylar packaging allows you to pick a container that is appropriate to your product. With several options available, your company can sell both small quantities and larger amounts that appeal to either individuals or families. This gives you another solution in the effort to combat food waste.

Mylar Is Puncture Resistant

Some packaging is just too flimsy to stand up to all of the jostling that comes with getting your item to market. The puncture resistance of mylar prevents your product from spilling out at inconvenient times. With items such as supplements and cosmetics, it becomes a safety issue as pets or children could ingest harmful substances. Mylar bags also can come equipped with efficient closures that lock in freshness and eliminate spillage.

When looking into printed coffee bags for your company, you have many options. Premium packaging solutions allow you to make an impression on consumers in the store or online. With digital printing, you can produce multiple SKUs in a single run and you can invigorate your product with appealing graphics. If you decide to change things up, you can do so without a huge investment.

Durable packaging also keeps out moisture and oxygen, both of which can damage the desirability of your coffee or tea brand. If you have worked to develop a unique, creative and natural product, you want to make sure your customers experience it at its best. Now is the time to gain the many advantages of digital printing and superior packaging.


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