Your Simple Road Accident Checklist


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Chances are that we will all be involved in some form of road or vehicle accident, they are also a leading cause of death in the USA for those between 1-54. It is, however, most likely that it will be minor and the best advice possible is to remain calm and have this simple checklist in mind (or in bullet form in your dash compartment). This is a simple list to provide you with clarity and calmness as you work your way through what can be a traumatic experience for many.

Your Simple Road Accident Checklist

Keep calm

It’s probably the most difficult thing to do in the midst of an accident, but the best advice and the first thing to keep in mind is to remain as calm as possible. Practice breathing exercises for as and when you need to relax and calm down.

Stop the vehicle

Bring the vehicle to a controlled stop in as safe a manner as is possible, preferably out of the way of any traffic and in a place where you will be able to safely exit the vehicle.

Check for injury

Do an immediate head to toe check and test to see if there has been any obvious injury. Then determine the same for any passengers or occupants of the other vehicles. Only assist in this regard if you are confident as to your first aid and ability to remain calm while dealing with any medical emergencies and call the professionals as soon as you can.

Contact the police and or emergency services

Keep these numbers on your mobile phone and linked to your vehicle. Call the police or sheriff’s office and in most cases, they will determine with you whether other emergency services are required. It’s the police who will be able to contact all the other services required and as such they should be your first call.

Arrange for the vehicle to be removed

Unless the vehicle is safe to drive and can be returned home then taken for repairs if required, it should be removed from the scene by the recovery firm of your choice.

Contact a family member or friend

Once the accident has been reported call a family member or friend. If possible have them come to the scene to assist.

Take photos if possible

If you’re able to move about and the vehicle(s) are safe, then take pictures of the damage as well as the general environment. Noting the weather and road conditions. The top car accident attorneys in Northern Illinois suggest that photos after an accident will provide you with the type of proof that you will need even if the matter doesn’t go to court.

Make no admissions

Regardless of what has happened, don’t admit to anything at the scene simply state the facts as you know them to be. It’s not about avoiding any responsibility but ensuring that you have enough time and space to determine exactly what occurred without any pressure.

Being in an accident can be an incredibly stressful occurrence and for many the stress of the situation often outweighs the damage or injuries caused. Go through this list a number of times and then ensure that you have the numbers as suggested herein and fully understand the process and systems that are in place in your specific state that will serve to assist should you have the misfortune of being involved in an accident.


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