What Role Does Hijama Play in High Blood Pressure?


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One of the most common and dangerous conditions today is high blood pressure. Most individuals suffer from blood pressure and are spending a lot on treatment and buying medicine. It is a hazardous health condition; most people even die because of this medical circumstance. Millions of people worldwide face high blood pressure and feel hopeless about this.

What Role Does Hijama Play in High Blood Pressure

There are numerous medicines to treat high blood pressure, but they are expensive, and most middle-class people don’t afford medicines for their daily use and suffer so much against this condition. Hijama high blood pressure is the alternative to cure, and it is easy to fight against this issue. Hijama removes toxins from your blood, which can the dirt from your blood and benefit your blood pressure.

What is hijama?

Hijama is the best alternative treatment; it is a treatment that can perform with the use of cups. It is the suction of blood from your skin. Therapists perform Hijama. The therapist can put cups on your skin, and those cups start sucking blood from your skin. Hijama is also known as cupping therapy, and there are two types. Dry cupping and wet cupping. Hijama is known as wet cupping.

Hijama is one of the obsolete time cures; it is valuable to cure many diseases. Most people prefer hijama or cupping therapy nowadays. It is getting more popular with time. Numerous individuals prefer to take hijama, especially athletes, actors, and models who prefer cupping therapy to stay fit and in shape.

What are the symptoms and signs of high blood pressure?

There are numerous signs and symptoms of high blood pressure, as well as numerous causes of high blood pressure. Blood thinning in arteries and veins is the leading cause of high blood pressure. Blood becomes heavier, and blood doesn’t move freely in veins and arteries, and it causes high blood pressure. If you have a cholesterol problem, it also becomes the reason for blood pressure, and if the blood is higher than average, it will also cause blood pressure.

There are many symptoms of blood pressure, and everyone has a different type of symptoms; it depends on the human body, and some of the main symptoms are as follows:

  • You can feel severe headaches.
  • Your eye side gets weak, and you have a vision problem.
  • Sometimes blood comes in urine.
  • You feel pain in your chest.
  • The heartbeat gets irregular.
  • You can feel difficulty in breathing.

You need to check your blood pressure to see if you can feel or face any of these symptoms. First, you must determine whether the problem is due to high blood pressure or another factor. You need to go to the hospital and talk to the doctors. They will do a checkup, give you accurate information, and guide you, and they will provide a suitable suggestion.

Hijama treatment vs medication for blood pressure

Individuals who identify a blood pressure problem want to take medication treatment. Most people take medication after visiting the doctors, and most of them prefer medicines. Even though they know medication has many side effects, people use this method because it is effortless to take. There are many side effects of medication treatment, such as, you will face dry cough, headaches, joint pain, swelling in ankles, nausea, fatigue, etc.

On the other hand, most doctors also recommend hijama or cupping therapy for high blood pressure. This is also the best method to treat blood pressure. Hijama sucks the toxins from the blood, improving the blood flow in your body. Your veins and arteries relax, which will help increase the blood flow in your body, and your blood circulation will improve.

Cupping or hijama therapy is safe, and there is no side effect compared to medication. It is therapy for a few hours; after it, you need recovery time. Cupping marks on your skin and some small wound or cuts will take a few days to recover. The doctor or therapist will give you some cream or lotion to remove those marks from your skin. After therapy, your blood flow level will be average, and you will not feel any symptoms of high blood pressure.

Your feelings after Hijama

After hijama, you can feel relaxed and light because all the dirt from blood and skin comes out. Your tissues start to recover and work properly, providing strength to your body. Your blood will be so light, and it can move quickly in your body. Your blood pressure level will be maintained. Your skin will start shining and gallowing. It will also assist you in recovering your muscle memory, making you feel strong again.

In the beginning day, you can feel lazy, have dizziness, nausea, etc., but after a few days, you will feel better. Hijama also helps relieve the pain in your body and make your body relax. Such as sometimes people feel pain in their body before therapy, but after treatment, they feel good and relaxed from pain. For instance, many people also take hijama or cupping therapy for their lower back pain.

After therapy, you need to drink plenty of water, keep your body warm, and rest for a few days. Avoid sugary products, alcohol, drinks, caffeine, dairy products, etc. After therapy, your skin will be sensitive; you must avoid hot showers, air conditioning, strenuous workouts or exercises, windy or cold weather, etc.


Hijama is one of the best therapy to fight against some serious diseases. It will help you maintain your blood pressure level, and it is one of the beneficial treatments for high blood pressure. It will help you enhance your blood flow and improve your circulation after hijama or cupping therapy.

It is one of the best and most well-recognized treatments to protect individuals from numerous diseases. It is one of the old-age treatments and is getting popular daily. Many individuals prefer to take hijama therapy as compared to medicine because hijama don’t have any side effect. There are many benefits of hijama or cupping therapy. We all need to take hijama therapy once a year.


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