How To Unblock Blocked Amazon Prime Videos?


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People like to watch amazon prime videos freely with no buffering. But, some Amazon prime videos are restricted in a geographic area. So, users who like to watch prime videos, look for tricks on how to unblock blocked amazon prime videos. It can be done by simply switch the IP address to another country or region. And changes of IP address happens only with the use of VPN.

How to Unblock Blocked Amazon Prime Videos

That’s why we have found out about some VPN provider companies by which you can easily watch the amazon prime videos.

Top 3 companies of VPN to unblock blocked amazon prime videos.

Many companies offer VPN but few brandscan give access to amazon prime videos. Here we are providing a list of the best virtual private network company.

Unlocator VPN

Unlocator virtual private network is the safest VPN to use. And this VPN software also offers features with the scheme to get a discount of up to 50% on the Unlocator VPN Discount Code. Try this VPN to unblock any blocked amazon prime videos as well as Netflix. Use the Unlocator VPN software to receive a huge discount with access to prime videos and restricted contents of websites. With the help of fast internet speed, you can enjoy the concept of video without interruption.

Express VPN

Express VPN comes in the top list of VPN companies that can easily unblock blocked prime videos. Now get the opportunity to connect the Express VPN with up to 5 devices. It can also help you to watch the restricted Netflix of your nearby geographic area. It offers 30 days money-back guarantee so, it is helpful for people to make a decision.

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost virtual private network is another company of VPN which provides the best service. It gives the authority to get access to unblock the amazon prime videos. You can easily install this VPN software into Windows, macOS, ios, Android, and Linux. This virtual private network also offers 7 days free trial, which means you have the best chance to get an amazing deal. It also provides 45 days money-back guarantee.

These are some VPN provider companies that help you to unblock restricted prime videos. Now enjoy the access to watch amazon prime videos by switching IP address with another country.

Can I use a free VPN to watch amazon prime videos?

I think no company fully provides the free virtual private network to unblock the amazon prime videos. If some company of VPN offers free service to hide IP addresses, it means there are some lacks in service. You have to be alert from free virtual private network service provider companies. There are lots of companies who offer service at no cost and then leak your online activity. So, beware of this and get the VPN that can provide the best offers as well as protection.

We have listed out the top 3 paid VPN companies which give you many offers on the purchase of VPN. You will get huge benefits regarding a money-back scheme, free trial, and save half money on the Unlocator VPN offer. It shows that buying paid VPN is not wasting of money, choose the best plan and surprising deals.

Can Amazon detect VPN?

Using a VPN or any other device does not mean you are fully secure to watch Amazon videos freely. It hides your real IP address and provides new IP when you connect with any other country. That’s the reason, you need to choose the best VPN which offers thousands of servers. It means if Amazon detects that you are connected with the VPN then you can easily disconnect your location with another one.

How to set up a VPN to watch amazon prime videos?

To get access to watch the amazon prime videos, you have to follow some simple steps. We are describing easy steps which you can use to unblock the prime videos.

  • Sign up for the VPN account on your device.
  • Then connect with the country to unblock the amazon prime videos.
  • Now login with the website
  • After this choose or select the prime videos or content of the website.

These steps are applicable to watch amazon prime videos and Netflix. Now enjoy these simple steps and watch prime videos.

How do I bypass amazon prime VPN?

Amazon contains anti-VPN software which is helpful to detect the VPN which you use. Some VPNs are weak so, amazon’s anti-VPN software can easily detect and block that VPN. But few virtual private networks are safe and alert the VPN users from blocking. In this way, a VPN user can connect with another server of the same country. It is the best and simple way to protect your VPN from blocking.

Why is VPN not working with Amazon Prime?

If you are facing a problem watching the Amazon prime videos, then it means your VPN gets detected. It happens most of the time, because of a lack of VPN service. If your virtual private network is not strong then amazon prime can detect and block the VPN easily. This blocking system leads to the issue to watch the Amazon prime videos.

To get rid of these types of problems, try some strong VPN like Express, and Unlocator which we have discussed above.


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