A Business Guide: How to Appeal to Generation-Z Consumers


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GenerationZ is here, and they do not plan to go anywhere any time soon! These new kids on the block, born between 1997 and 2012, are now entering the world of work and earning their own pay packets. So naturally, this means that they have money to spend, which means they now have some crucial consumer decisions to make.

A Business Guide - How to Appeal to Generation-Z Consumers

Do you want to be the first company Gen-Z thinks about whenever they require a service in your sector? If so, attracting the youthful consumers of today should now be one of your top priorities.

For advice on how to appeal to the Generation-Z consumer base, read on.

Pay attention to social media

Regardless of whether you love or loathe it yourself, there is no denying the fact that GenerationZ is obsessed with social media. Having had access to the web for most of their lives, they understand the personal and professional importance of Twitter and Instagram.

If you are to stand a chance at understanding your Gen-Z consumer base’s wants, needs, and specifications, paying attention to social media is very much advised. Amongst a great deal of many other benefits, this will help you to fine-tune your forthcoming marketing strategy. Once you delve deeper into Instagram insights, for example, you find it much easier to study the reach, impressions, interactions, and growth of your youthful audience. Ultimately, this will help you to develop a brand image that actively resonates with your new target market.

Have a purpose

GenerationZ care about the environment, are politically engaged and are acutely aware of socio-economic troubles. They are always looking for ways to improve the world, and you need to share a similar purpose if you are to stand a chance at reaching, engaging, and retaining their attention over a sustained period.

Creating a purpose-driven business model is not straightforward. If you want to achieve this feat efficiently and effectively, it is highly recommended that you:

  1. Ensure 100% vision clarity amongst your workforces
  2. Home in on a vision that is relatable
  3. Lead a purposeful life outside of the office
  4. Make your vision one of your company’s core competencies

Optimize for the mobile web

According to this insightful study on the matter, a whopping 75% of Generation-Z consider their smartphone to be their main technological device. This means that, as a general rule of thumb, Gen-Zers are likely to use their mobile devices to search the web, chat with friends, and make purchases daily. Therefore, if you are to stand a chance at attracting and maintaining their attention, it is highly recommended that you optimize your digital footprint for the mobile web. Advice on how to perform this task can be found here.

If you want to steal a lead on your competitors, cultivating a strong Gen-Z patronage is highly recommended. Successfully undertaking this crucial task will help you to attract a steady stream of young, economically stable consumers for years to come.


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