Any Excuse to Have a Gossip Over the Fence, Where Have Those Days Gone?


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Having a good old natter over the garden fence is a slowly dying trend in Australia that, with time, sees fewer and fewer neighbours actually knowing who they are living next to. It’s a far cry away from being able to stick your head over the fence in the hope of pinching a bit of milk or sugar for your cuppa, unless you’ve lived next door to your neighbours for some years now, the chances are you’d get a very different response;

Any Excuse to Have a Gossip Over the Fence, Where Have Those Days Gone

If you’re old enough to remember

If you’ve been around a few years, then you’ll remember those days of neighbourly companionship very well indeed, you might even miss them. It’s sad really because nowadays only one in five people have some kind of contact with their neighbours, people just aren’t bothered like they used to be, too busy with their heads stuck in their phones or just brought up differently. Who knows? It’s probably a mix of things.

If you’re not old enough to remember

If you are of a generation that never experienced the whole ‘natter’ over the fence period in time, you surely must have heard some expressions flying around that relate to it. If not, go and have a chat with your grandparents or mum and dad who will likely have a few words to say. The thing is, nothing will change unless people change what they do, perhaps your neighbours have attempted to speak with you, but your fence is too high for them to reach over or, it doesn’t look very inviting. Either way, you could make the first move, but what can you do to make a difference?

You could start with your fence, Australian picket fencing could be the perfect solution, depending upon your circumstances, of course, it may not be the best idea, if your neighbors have dogs, other than that though, they are pretty much suitable for any garden and they look awesome. You could start by having a look at a few of the offers online, there will surely be some installers somewhere near you that you could go and speak with or, they might come to your property for a chat.

Your options

When you think fencing, you should try and think a little more ‘outside of the box’ as there is lots on offer these days, your options are almost endless which is awesome, you aren’t stuck with the ‘Forest Gump’ style, white, wooden picket fencing anymore although, if that’s your thing then the world is your oyster. For many people, they are enticed by the newer ‘easier’ to maintain materials such as metal or even PVC, which look superb near a swimming pool. Another great thing is that, because they are made to fit, you can also choose your color which could be, anything, the choice is up to you!


You’re going to need to have a word with the neighbors about this one because, it may affect their privacy for a short while, but what an opportunity to spark up a conversation and, it shows a level of respect that should deserve the same in return. The main thing is to make sure your installers are a solid, well-established team, if the installation is done properly, your fence could last you a lifetime!


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