Why Is It Essential for Parents to Use a Car Security Device


A car security device is lately becoming a necessity in our daily lives. It is something that not only provides security to our vehicle but also protects the passengers on the go. Such devices are needed to keep a record of what the driver does to the car or to keep an eye on your teenager.

Why Is It Essential for Parents to Use a Car Security Device

Teenagers are a tough people to handle and especially when they are driving. And as soon as teenagers learn to drive, it becomes a priority for parents to take care of their teens getting behind the wheel for the first time. It is considered that driving skill comes with driving experiences, the experience to improve the ability as time goes on, leaving parents in a position where they feel as if their teen isn’t prepared for the on-road challenges, but they must face them formerly they get the skill they need.

When finding a car security device for your teen, it’s important to consider what teens need most when driving. Distraction is dangerous and can be easy with stylish models, and parents will also want an all-encompassing view of what’s going on while your teen is behind the wheel.

The purpose of a security device in the vehicle is to cautiously record every detail that takes place inside the car and on the road. And the main reason for millions of car drivers buying such devices for their cars is to reserve the first-hand evidence of any road incident.

There are several devices available in the market, but one should always buy a device that has a trusted brand name. KENT CamEye is one device that caters to all the car security concerns. It is a 4G enabled device that offers live streaming of inside and outside view of the car. It uses dual cameras to record everything happening in and around the car. The device provides the real-time GPS location of the car and even shows the playback of the route travelled by car. KENT CamEye ensures the safety of your family through its pioneering video surveillance technology.

KENT CamEye has staggering features that no one can ignore:

The device can be of great help for people who want to keep a tab on their family, friends, or drivers. User can easily watch the inside and outside view of the device. The user can also share the device with 10 people. KENT CamEye has an in-built microphone and speaker that lets the user have a one to one communication via 2 way calling feature. It offers secured cloud storage space to the user to save all their data on the cloud instead of the internal memory. The device has an internal memory of 8 GB that is used when the device is out of network coverage area.

KENT CamEye also uses Artificial Intelligence to detect unusual activities in the car. It has face recognition feature that can alert the user when an unknown person is driving the car. It even alerts when the driver is sleeping with the AC on in the car or if someone is trying to turn off the camera. The device uses a mobile application as a medium to relay information to the user. This GPS tracking app is available for both, Android and iOS mobile phones. The device is available at a price of Rs.17999 with 3 months of free subscription. You can book a demo by calling 9582612345.


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