Best Beginner-friendly Water Sports to Try Out


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We often see impressive highlight reels of water sport professionals and experienced athletes dominating the ocean waters, but what about beginner-friendly water sports? If you’re looking to try out something new this summer, be sure to check out our list of beginner-friendly water sports below! At the same time you must have basic essentials of water sports like surfboards nz and rest of the world places. They will also facilitate the best learning for you to enjoy water games. These are some common water games that you can try out as a newbie in this arena and gradually can become an expert of water games as well.

Best Beginner-friendly Water Sports to Try Out


Especially in countries such as Australia, surfing is an extremely beginner-friendly support, with many beaches around the coast line offering surfing courses and lessons, alongside equipment and gear rentals. Beginners can practise balancing on surfboards on sand first, before moving on to low waves. Once practised and successful in getting up and balancing on surfboard on low ocean waves, individuals can then try their skills on bigger and higher waves. Also read out tips for wakesurfing for best results.

Jet Skiing

Jet skiing is another beginner-friendly water sport that can be enjoyed on ocean waters. Thrilling yet easy to learn, jet skiing is a great water sport to learn if you already know how to drive a motorbike on land, and have impeccable balance. Before running wild in the ocean waters, jet ski beginners will start by going around a boaters safety course. It is only when boaters pass a beginner jet ski course (as guided by a professional instructor) that they are allowed to set sail anywhere in the ocean. It is also extremely important for jet ski beginners to wear the proper jet ski accessories to increase their safety levels (such as a life jacket).


Kayaking is another water sport which is quick and easy to pick up, while also being enjoyable to learn. Considered a low impact physical activity, kayaking may be a water sport worth learning if you are looking to improve your aerobic fitness as well as increase your muscle strength in your upper body (mainly shoulders and arms). You can also learn to kayak as part of a team, as opposed to learning the new skill by yourself. This makes kayaking a beginner friendly water sport that is memorable during all its stages.

Paddle Boarding

If surfing looks like a fun sport to you, however a bit too difficult to learn, why not start off with simply paddle boarding? Paddle boarding is a great alternative water sport to individuals who are looking for that water sport thrill, however are not yet confident in their balancing skills or lower body strength. Paddle boarding involves standing on a flat board which is designed to be stable, similar to that of surf boards, and navigating around waters using a large paddle.


Wakeboarding is considered the water equivalent of snowboarding, where you are effectively boarding on water while connected to the back of a boat. It is relatively easy to learn how to stay upright while wakeboarding, however it may take more practise to be able to perform fun and stylish tricks on the water. You can also use duotone neo while doing kitesurfing or wakeboarding.

The summer time is never boring when you have so many beginner friendly water sports to try out. Find one which interests you the most and book a beginner course for the water sport now!


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