Emerald: The Stone of Luck


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Gemstones have enamored our cultures and civilizations for more than 3000 years. Emerald or Panna is a gem of such fascination and vitality. Ruled by the very first planet of our solar system, Mercury, Emerald is known as the gemstone of good luck. It is believed for bringing immense luck and fortunes to its wearer even in the toughest times when there is no ray of hope around. Henceforth, when life throws challenges at you, you can rely on an Emerald. Wearing or carrying an Emerald gem helps you to overcome every obstacle of life.

Emerald - The Stone of Luck

Emerald is a stone of luck, love, and protection renowned for bringing faith and goodness around us. Even the ancient Vedas expound on the significance of this precious gemstone in our lives. Fables, Folk Tales, and traditional beliefs describe it as a gemstone that fetches good luck and improves the well-being of an individual. Besides the regular local market, you can also buy gemstones online. Let us have a glance at how a piece of emerald can change your luck and life altogether.

Fetches Happiness

If you want to have a revealing way of life, simply go for an emerald gemstone. It keeps you and your life on the right track. This pure crystal ray of green hue represents growth and consistency. The astonishingly beautiful emerald aligns your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual balances to deliver a delightful and harmonious life to its wearer.
Predominantly, emeralds can enhance the levels and flow of energy between the chakras, which results in a peaceful existence of love relationships. This precious stone fetches the attributes of nature that ultimately deliver creativity and rejuvenation to an individual.

An Excellent Harbinger of Manifestation

Emeralds symbolize manifestation. Carrying a piece of emerald gemstone helps us to focus on things that actually matter in our lives. We not only get the clarity of thoughts and desires but also acquire the potential and ability to turn dreams into reality. In addition, emeralds shield us from negativity and the evil eye.

Emerald also denotes the growth and renewal of vows, which adds a sense of belonging and security to its wearer. It keeps the freshness and youthfulness of one’s mind. If you want to restore your lost confidence and improve your self-esteem, wear an emerald gemstone in the form of jewelry. It aids you to understand and accept the harsh realities and hard truths of your surroundings.

Carries Love and Leads to Honesty

According to some cultures, emerald seeks love, while others call it the revealer of true emotions. The beautiful green hue represents the passion and compassion of a relationship. For those people who are looking out for undying love and lifelong commitment, it is highly recommended for them to gift an emerald jewel to their loved ones. Emerald is believed for carrying an extreme power of insight and clarity which is quite rare in any other gemstone.

When you embrace the positive energies of an emerald gem, it will effectively encourage you to trail the path of love, honesty, and integrity in life. If you are struggling with an estranged relationship, you can rely on a piece of emerald. It mends and cures your heart. Emeralds heal the pain of separations and breakups and assist you to move on forward in life with a better vision.

Add to Mental and Spiritual Acuity

Emerald gemstone is known for its calming effects on penetrating the emotional state. It is renowned for stimulating the thought process of an individual. It also enhances your mental and spiritual acuity. The precious stone Emerald not only improves the memory of the wearer but also his or her decision-making skills. Emerald benefits a lot of energies and unexpected success to the jobs that acquire a significant amount of creativity, intuition, and visionary insight.

As per Indian Vedic astrology, it enhances your level of imagination, especially when you are in the profession of writing, art, media, or entertainment. Emeralds turn out to be a great choice for legal professionals. No wonder, most successful moguls prefer wearing a precious Emerald as it not only improves the memory of the wearer but also his or her decision-making skills. It helps them to retain success and grasp new heights in the careers.

Strengthens your Spiritual level

Happiness comes to people who have faith in the power of the universe that provides us sufficient for all our needs. By opening a direct track to your heart and inner-self, emerald connects you to the divine love and supreme will. Once your heart and soul are on the right path, nothing can hold you back. You can efficiently work on your goals and good luck simply finds its way to you.

An Emerald gem motivates us to do good deeds and become a better person. It inspires the wearer to act from his or her heart and experience the true abundance of life that goes beyond physical looks and materialistic wealth. Without losing oneself, you can live a pleasing and satisfying life with the help of an emerald. In order to enhance spirituality, it amazingly adds freshness to your mind and thoughts.

Improves Physical Fitness

Due to the highly rejuvenating properties, Emerald not only revives the physique of its possessor but also ensures a complete well-being. Using this precious gemstone, we can strongly combat the aging effects and enjoy a youthful existence. Emerald is best known for resolving digestion problems and extraordinary abilities to cure eye-related infections. Besides fighting with depression and soothing the notorious multiple sclerosis, Emerald also helps in treating several other health-related issues like epilepsy, chronic illness, Parkinson’s disease, and post-traumatic stress.

By stimulating the complete heart chakras, emerald acts as an exceptional elixir for overall personality. The brilliant green color rays of this gemstone are considered effective in healing the malignant conditions of an individual and maintaining a stable blood pressure. Emerald is thought helpful in muscle pain, back problems, and fertility issues. It also wards off eczema, rashes, headaches, fever, and various skin allergies.

End note:-

Emerald can turn out to be your perfect companion in the journey of lifespan. When you want to fetch good luck and achieve new heights of success in your career and love life, there can be no better choice than an emerald. However, you have to make sure what you are purchasing is genuine. Do not lay your trust in the trap of cheap prices and fake gemstones. Always opt for trusted gemstone dealers like Navratan where you will get only 100% authentic and certified gemstones at the best prices.

Cut, color, carat, and clarity are the most important factors while determining the value of a precious stone like an emerald. Your money is valuable and you should spend it wisely. Therefore, you should choose the right emerald after verifying all the necessary factors. Pick a flawless eye-catching piece of emerald stone with the most precise cut that does not allow a substantial loss of weight or luster. Explore the wide collection of stunning Emeralds here at the most reasonable price and get each penny’s worth.


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