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Bryce Canyon is National Park in southwest Utah with an incredible rock formation. It is somewhat smaller and more remote than nearby Zion National Park, but it offers out of the world geological structures and formations. Although it is called a canyon, technically, it is not. The hoodoos, pinnacles and amphitheaters, and canyons were created by frost weathering and uneven erosion. The pointy and very diverse landscape of Bryce Canyon offers numerous viewpoints and various rock formations.

Best Place for Sunrise Bryce Canyon

The whole of Utah state has incredible landscapes. Foreign visitors that want to explore Utah need to acquire ESTA travel authorization. Among the numerous questions, you will have to present esta criminal record, but you can get ESTA Visa even if you have previous encounters with the law. The travel authorization is valid for two years.

Sunrise spots in Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon National Park has a layout towards the west, and it is trendy for viewing the sunrise. There are several excellent popular and some not so well-known locations. People often travel to the park-like Inspiration Point located right of the Bryce Point road. There is a well-labeled turn off on the road. The viewpoint has fewer crowds than some other sunrise watching spots, and you can see the three levels and spectacular scenery of the main amphitheater. Frozen hoodoos street toward the Silent City, and they come alive with the bright sun at dawn.

Natural Bridge is an incredible rock arch made from erosion of Claron formation rock. This red arch is located in the southern part of the park.

Fairyland Canyon is smaller overlooks, but the hoodoos are dense, and Boat Mesa to the south makesa perfect picture opportunity.

Sunrise Point is among the most visited places in Bryce Canyon, located in the northern part of Bryce Amphitheater. It is close to the visitors center, and you will have a great view of Silent City and Thor’s Hammer. The latter is the most famous hoodoos in the park with a distinctive look, and it’s within short walking distance from Sunrise Point.

Bryce Point is on the southern end of Bryce Amphitether with a view to the north and east. An excellent viewpoint for sunrise.

Bryce Canyon Rainbow Point

A great place to start exploring Bryce Canyon is at the southernmost point. The Rainbow Point offers a view of the entire park that stretches northwards. You can see the Pink Cliffs, the same rocks that have eroded and turned into hoodoos. Close to the Rainbow Point is another excellent location Yovimpa Point? You will have a view of the Grand Staircase. The sedimentary rock sequence stretches south for more than 100 miles through Zion National Park into the Grand Canyon.

Bryce Canyon hiking tours

Viewpoints are incredible, but hiking around the landmarks, hoodoos, sandstone fins, and spires will give you an additional layer of respect for this beautiful piece of land. Another great thing about Bryce Canyon trails is their proximity to the park’s main roads.

If you want to combine the best viewpoints and explore the park’s nature, Bryce Canyon Rim Trail is probably the best trail. In 5.5 miles, this path connects Fairyland Point and Bryce Point. You will need three hours on this moderate trail unless you stay a bit longer on each of the scenic overlooks.

Bryce Canyon Fairland Loop is an 8-mile moderate trail that goes through Fairyland amphitheater. The course goes by Sinking Ship and many other rock formations. You will need around four hours to finish the hike.

If you’re looking for a shorter trail, try Bryce Canyon Navajo Loop Trail. This path has moderate difficulty, and in 90 minutes, will lead you from the Sunset Point to the bottom of Bryce Canyon. You will get a close look at popular hoodoos like Wall Street, Thor’s Hammer, and Twin Bridges.

Bryce Canyon Mossy Cave Trail and Queens Garden Trail are also top-rated trails in the park. For easier routes you could visit with the family, you can try Bristlecone Loop Trail.

Are dogs allowed in Bryce Canyon

National Park is a place where wildlife is prioritized, and dogs can leave predator scents that last long, disturbing other animals. Dogs are allowed on all paved surfaces like campgrounds, parking lots, and viewpoints. You could also bring your furry friend between Sunset and Sunrise Point paved trail.

With all the restrictions, it would be best if you could visit the park without the dog.
However you want to visit Bryce Canyon or the entire Utah itinerary, you should first check esta status. After you get travel authorization, there will be plenty of time to manage reservations and bookings.

Final thoughts

Bryce Canyon is not the most visited Utah National Park, but it is as beautiful as other protected areas. The geological formation that eroded into incredible rocks and colors is great for perfect sunrise pictures. Park is relatively small, and you can see most attractions in one visit.


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