All About Personalised Uniforms


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Every friend circle or group or even a corporate office needs their own custom uniforms. It symbolises an unbreakable bond that every part of that group can carry everywhere they go even if they have to leave at some point. It holds more sentimental value and makes the most aesthetically pleasing group photos. There is nothing better than those pictures to look back on. However, these too can come with their own set of problems; the most common being that the shirts or polos are made from cheap materials or the print on the fabric is too cheap and can fade away with a few washes.

All About Personalised Uniforms

Why Every Group Needs A Custom Uniform

The entire reason behind getting customised uniforms is to signify that the person belongs to something important, that the person has a home away from home, and that no matter what, this is where their heart rests. A custom uniform in a company can bring about a sense of loyalty among its employees. It can even motivate them to work harder as it is a constant reminder, like a symbol they wear on their chest, reminding them what they work so hard for. It also helps formulate a strong corporate identity. Having a custom uniform lets a company develop its professional aesthetic which can be the differentiating factor in many competitive fields. It can make a memorable impression on the customer. These elevate the image of the company and give the company a more professional look.

Uniforms play a very nostalgiac role in every Australian’s lives because whether it was on the soccer field or in school, they were required to wear a uniform regardless of who they were. Almost everyone holds onto their school uniforms or football jerseys as memorabilia from a happier time. These same customised uniforms can bring back those very feelings during reunions and let one relive their past selves. A custom uniform, holding the school’s symbol or university of a loved one, can also hold more sentimental value and make for the perfect gifts.

Almost every person in a friend group has had the dream to make custom hoodies or maybe even a shirt with the friend group’s name and symbol. Something as unique as a customised shirt or hoodie will stay with every single member for their lifetime. It is a sign that no matter where they might end up in the world, something will always connect them and remind them of each other.

Issues With Making Custom Uniforms

A significant issue faced by customers while placing an order for their customised uniforms is the quality of the print or the shirt, and that it is a tough and expensive price point to meet as most places do not have the budget for this. Another problem the consumers face is that the commercially available outlets do not let them design the logo or shirt as per their choice but have a predesigned logos that they have to choose from and then customise them. However, companies, like ONTHEGO, tackles these problems because they provide customers with the option to design their logo from scratch and then have it printed at an affordable price.

They offer these options on hoodies, tee shirts and many more accessories meeting the consumers’ requirements and guaranteeing consumer satisfaction.


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