Bottled and Jarred Packaged Goods – Advantages and Disadvantages


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For the time immemorial the concept of food packaging is prevalent in different ways. Earlier this concept was limited to the packaging and storage of pickles and ghee along with other dairy products but now it has dynamically covered so many goods with the passage of time. Different sort of bottled and jarred packaged goods are available in the market today which earlier was not even imagined by the masses. Here we will talk about the different types of packaging containers and food packaged in them along with their pros and cons. You will be able make valid inferences whether these packaged foods are healthy or not for our day to day routine at the end.

bottled and jarred packaged goods


Following types of food packaging is done mostly to preserve the food from direct contact with environment to increase its shelf life for longer duration of time. The type of jar or can is specifically used for the sort of thing that is to be packed.

1. Glass jars

Glass jars are mainly used to store pickles so that their odor, taste and colour can be retained for longer run. Lemon, olives, mango pickle and other related food can be seen packaged in glass jars so that they cannot be contaminated with the colour or material of container in which they are stored.

2. Bottles

Bottles are another type of storage medium which helps in packaging food like dairy products which includes milk, buttermilk etc. in the list. Cold drinks, juices and water etc. is also packaged in plastic bottles.

3. Canisters

Glass canisters are used to preserve food similar to that or glass jars and we can use them interchangeably. You can see fresh fruits stored in acids in glass canisters as well so that they can be maintained germs free. Sometimes meat, fishes and such goods are also packed in glass canisters.

4. Cans

Canned food is very familiar word to each one of us which includes baby food, soft drinks and energy drinks etc. The trend of cans for packaging purpose looks very classic and it cost you a bucks more than other packaging means.

5. Cardboard packaging

We cannot ignore the widely used cardboard packaging to enlist here as cereals, juices, readymade foods, processed foods etc. are packaged in cardboard packaging.

Advantages and disadvantages of glass bottles, jars and cans for food packaging
Here are some advantages and disadvantages of glass bottles, jars, canisters and cans for packaging of goods.

Advantages of bottled and jarred packaged goods

• Long shelf life of pickles, jams, jellies

The duration to which a product can be stored in glass and plastic containers increases the real life of the product many times. You can keep the fresh olives same for a year but it can be possible with the help of jars and glass canisters packaging.

• Look Expensive and Appealing

Glass, jarred bottles are very appealing in their look when they are used in the purpose of packaging. People consider such food material very expensive and premium and tend to buy the same more as compared to the other kind of stuff. The packaging bottles Australia and other parts of the world is a very common practice.

• Germ free packaging of food

When food is packaged in jars or bottles it becomes highly germ free and chances of contamination with germs also gets lowered to a great extent. So if you are buying a canned, jarred food then there is no need to worry regarding the germs.

• Safe and easy to deliver across globally

When food is packaged in plastic bottles, jars and canisters it can safely we delivered from one boundary to another without the tension of spillage and leakage.

• Glass jars, metal containers plastic bottles are reusable

One of the leading benefit that you can reap from plastic bottles and cans is that they are reusable and can be considered as environment friendly in this context. Even if you are purchasing something in these jars you can use the leftover jars for putting your goods as well.

• Do not alter the taste and food colour

It is very difficult to retain the taste, colour and smell of food just like it is fresh if you are not bothering about its packaging. Glass jars ensues the minimum exposure of food to the container in which it is kept and that is why you can see no changes or very little when food is packaged properly.

Disadvantages of glass bottles, jars canisters for food packaging

• High cost of packaging

One of the highlighting drawback associated with food packaging in jars and bottles is that they will cost your sometimes more than the cost of food to be stored in them. Glass canisters are way costlier and that is why many people refrain from them to use.

• Food packed contains preservatives

The food which is packed in these containers consist of preservatives and they are not very healthy for us. Many people do not want to eat such food which have preservatives in it and even expecting mothers are asked to stay away from packaged food, and canned drinks.

• Taste and natural colour sometimes lost with chemicals

Although glass jars are best to preserve the colour and taste of product which is stored in it but still sometimes taste gets altered due to several reasons like preservatives added to it in the glass bottles. So after spending on expensive jars if you are not able to retain the taste what is the purpose of packaging.

• Glass jars are prone to gets broken

If glass jars are not handled with utmost care they are easily going to break and when we have kids around at home one needs to be extra careful to use these glass jars. More there are high chances of getting these jars broken while delivering them over long distances or carrying them in travelling.


So we can conclude that the use of glass jars and cans along with bottles is useful but at the same time you have to accept few negative elements associated with it. Everything has its two phases and similar is the case with goods packaging which comes with more benefits and only few drawbacks. That is why you can choose the packaged food for many good reasons.


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