Easy and Cost-Effective Ways to Find Events Happening Near You


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It happens quite often that the most interesting events happening around us are hidden in plain sight. If you have the right location-aware tools and map-friendly apps and web tools, you can get the best and cost-effective eating places, picturesque sights and much more to look for and do. Here is a list of some apps that can be the best guide for you for events and happenings around you.

Easy and Cost-Effective Ways to Find Events Happening Near You

Look For Pads Available For Rent Or Sale

Many web-based applications will let you browse through a list of apartments for rent or if there is a home that you can purchase. If you’re living in a perfect location and want to know about the whereabouts then you can look for options like the iPhone app for Realtor.com. The app has a vast database to pick your options from. HotPads.com is an app that works on Android and provides you directions to any listings to choose from. Zillow is another iPhone app, but it is workable from any phone with a minimalist text-based interface.

Find Pictures on Flickr

I prefer using Flickr to look for food that people think is worthy to be savored upon and upload the same on their Flickr account. This makes it easy to find out the type of food that is or attractions that are there nearby your location. Simply get connected to the Internet and login to Flickr to look for your desired location and activities that you can perform there.

Look For Listings on Craigslist

If you’re good at handling listings on Craigslist for your area. Craigsphone for iPhone and Android gets you to reformat Craigslist for mobile to call and map. You can even use the app to know things happening around your exact location.

Find Your Favorite Things to Do

If you enough time to set off on a trip or in your neighborhood, do look at your weekly’s website or refer to a newspaper’s entertainment section. For looking at a quicker glimpse, Goby gets you a summarized and round off information about almost everything that is listed as public or paid gig within your location. comprises of high profile events and family-friendly happenings around you. Apart from that, there are many Cable TV channels that can you more insights about different cultures and countries of the world. Try getting Discovery or National Geographic on Spectrum basic cable to know about events that happen around the world.

Learn About Happenings around You with Near Me Now

Google is not the only player when it comes to geolocation. Near Me Now is known to be quick, simple and doesn’t require to download a separate app. Apart from that, you can use the following apps that can get you updates on events and activities near you:


The app is one of the best event apps that get you updates on local events and happenings including music festivals, shows, bar crawls and other things that are happening around you. All you need to do is enable access to your location so that you may be able to see things that are happening within your vicinity. Also, there is detailed information about the organizers and the availability of tickets and their prices and places where you can go and get them. To make things easier for you, you can browse events by category or input an event that you seek.


This app is a very handy app to help you discover events and search them easily. All you need to do is create an account and look out for events based on your location. You can narrow down the options using different filters. This will get you results based on your interests, location, creator, or the organizer of the event, the date of the event and recently added events happening in a place that is nearby your location. You can review events about family, fashion, fitness, or any other category and then review the date, location, time, additional information and people who might be attending the event using the user groups. If you want to go to an event, you can mark the event and find other people who are attending the event and would like to group in with you. If there is an event that requires you to buy tickets, you can check out the price and proceed with ordering them right from the app. Unation is one ideal place where you can get a lot of things done regarding an outing or a recreational activity that interests you.

Attending an event when you are traveling abroad or when you are there in your own country, is always fascinating. You need to see so many things, lighten up your mood, meet new people and learn so many things about people who live in cities and countries around you. Many tools can get you insights on events and happenings around you. It is a good thing that you get yourself such tools and guides and have your share of happiness and fun.


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