Boost Your Car’s Mileage With These 9 Tips


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After a dog, a car is a man’s best friend. It takes you anywhere you want it to. You just have to keep feeding it with clean and good quality engine oil and fuel to get it going. But there are many more maintenance necessities that must be considered and they have to be considered right now.

Boost Your Cars Mileage With These 9 Tips

I know you get your car checked by the mechanic every month but do you make sure of its health by yourself too? Many people rely on regular maintenance by the mechanics but don’t really care about the car themselves. They go full speed on a bumpy road, use brakes very frequently even at high speeds, do not properly utilize the clutch, brake, and accelerator pedal, and do many more irresponsible things. One of the worst things that can happen to your car (and ultimately, to YOU) is that its mileage decreases and your expenditures rise. You must know that there ARE a few things that you can do to make sure that your car’s fuel efficiency stays perfectly fine and your wallet stays heavy. So how about we take a look at them?

1. Operate Your Car With Respect

It takes you anywhere you want. It’s like a really good road friend that cares about you and gives you lots of benefits so you stay comfy while it gives you a nice ride. How can you even think of treating it with disrespect? Always be a smooth driver by using pedals, gears, and steering gently. You don’t have to rush and go full speed with lots of acceleration and lots of brakes on the road. This will decline your car’s fuel efficiency and you won’t be happy about other losses as well, like brake failure, gear damage, pedal damage, etc.

2. Keep Your Car Shut

What I mean to say is keep your windows up and make sure the least amount of air affects the movement of your car. You know, aerodynamics! If you keep your windows down even a little, the air will get inside the car and the air resistance will make the car utilize more force and hence, more fuel. So instead of keeping the windows up for cool and fresh air, just keep them down and turn on the air conditioner. That’ll work perfectly for you making sure your car maintains good mileage.

3. Shift Up All Of Them

Yep, I’m talking about the gears right now. You probably know already that if you drive your car on lower gears, the fuel consumption is more. Basically, the car has to apply lots of force to move and this ends up taking lots of fuel. My personal advice to you would be to get to the top gear as early as possible and keep it there. Of course, if you’re too slow like in a traffic jam, then you have to shift the gears down but don’t drive your car on normal speed without shifting all of them up!

4. “The Car Is Too Filled”

This is the problem that you might face every time you go on a trip with your friends or family. Your car is full of people AND some luggage as well. But that’s what the car is designed for, right? That’s not actually YOUR problem if your car’s mileage is breaking down because it’s the only way you could take people and the luggage along with you. But you have to do every possible thing to make your mileage go well. For this, inspect which things are unnecessary like an empty gas cylinder, a flat tyre, etc. These things are making the car heavier and forcing it to use more fuel. Lose them ASAP.

5. It Should Be Serviced

If you want your car to use the least fuel and be super efficient, then you have to make sure that the car stays completely clean from the inside. No I’m not talking about cleaning the interior but everything under the bonnet or hood: the engine and everything else. The air filter, oil filter, and such things must be paid more attention because if they’re clogged or dirty, they can resist the flow of oil, fuel, and air, and this will ultimately affect your car’s performance and mileage.

6. Turn Off The Ignition When Possible

Many people, when they are waiting for the signal to turn green, they keep their engine’s on. They don’t really care about their fuel usage. If you think that the fuel isn’t being used when the car is standing idle, then rethink! The engine is turned on by the help of the fuel and so if you want to save it, you have to turn it off whenever it is possible. If you’re waiting outside your friend’s house for him or her to come out, just turn off the engine and then wait until they come. Doing so will definitely save you lots of bucks in future.

7. Maintain The Tyre Pressure Regularly

You see, when it comes to mileage, the first thing that comes into our mind is that the car has to put a lot of force which is why it is using lots of fuel. The tyre can be a huge factor in fuel efficiency because it’s the only thing that helps the car move. The car applies the least force to move when the tyre pressure is optimal but applies a huge amount of it if the pressure is low due to more friction of the tyre against the road.

8. Consider 1 Long Trip Instead Of 2 Short Ones

If possible, you must consider taking your car to one long trip because if you go for multiple short ones, you’ll have to crank up the engine multiple times. This is the point when the car utilizes lots of fuel. This is why it is best that if you can do multiple tasks in one long run, then go for it.

9. Plan Where You Want To Go And Through Which Route

You might have seen lots of people who don’t seem to have an idea where they want to go and are still on the road. This is threatening to your fuel because this will increase your chances of going to unnecessary places, eating up more fuel. Always plan the whole route first and see which is the shortest way to get to the destination.

10. Walk Instead

Some people have this bad habit of taking their car with them even when they have to go to the market that is hardly 500m away. It’s unnecessary to take your car to get there. You should walk instead because it is not only going to save your fuel but also give your body a boost in performance. Walking is a good habit, please apply this in your daily life!

The Bottom Line

Since I’ve talked a lot about taking care of your vehicle’s mileage, you must make sure of one more thing. If you feel that there’s something wrong with the car, don’t delay it or the problem will get bigger and your wallet won’t be happy about it. Immediately get your car checked by the mechanic so the problem is diagnosed. And if you have to buy a part of your car like an air filter, then make sure that you get it in high-quality tuck top boxes. These tuck top boxes wholesale are the ones that high-grade auto parts manufacturing companies buy from the known packaging company called Dawn Printing. Always go for high-quality parts for your car if you want it to give you the best and most efficient performance.


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