Common Issues With Older Septic Systems


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If you own an older home or commercial property, you might start to notice signs of damage to your septic system. That could mean expensive repairs — if you don’t take care of those problems in time.

Common Issues With Older Septic Systems

The best way to stay ahead of septic damage is to watch for the signs, then call a California septic company as soon as possible. That way, you can have the problem fixed before it gets any worse.

To give you a better idea of issues you should be looking for, here are a few of the most common causes of damage to older septic systems:

1. Tree root growth

Trees and other plants around your home can cause a lot of damage to an aging septic tank or pipes.

Roots can actually grow into the walls of your septic tank and pipes, causing cracks, punctures, and dents. That can lead to a serious leak. If you suddenly notice a bad smell on your property, you should call a local septic inspector right away.

You might also notice toilets flooding or not flushing well – that’s a sign of internal damage to your septic system, which could be caused by plant growth.

3. Pressure from vehicles

Especially in the case of commercial or municipal septic systems, heavy vehicles can put pressure on your pipes or tank.

Eventually, an older tank could puncture, or even collapse, under all that weight. You’ll notice leaks, flooding in your yard, and usually a nasty smell when that happens.

It’s recommended that your septic tank and leach field are located in a largely unused area of your property, away from driveways or parking lots.

3. Shifting ground

A quality septic system can stay in place for up to fifty years or longer. In that time, it’s totally possible for the ground to shift and cause damage.

Shifting grounds over time is a common cause of septic backups and clogs. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can really do to prevent this issue — just keep an eye out for leaks and backups, and call your local septic repair specialist as soon as you think there might be a problem!


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