Effective Methods to Get Rid Of Rats Outside


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Rats are generally seen as dirty creatures and certainly not something that you want to see in your house or outside. Yet, current estimates suggest that there are as many as six times the number of rats on the planet than humans! In short, you may never be that far away from one.

Effective Methods to Get Rid Of Rats Outside

However, that doesn’t mean to say you want them in your garden. The good news is that there are plenty of techniques to get rid of them.

Professional Help

You’re starting point, if you think you have a rat issue, is to click here and contact your local pest control experts. They will be able to visit your garden and check for evidence of rats. This will help them to identify the scale of the issue and then adopt the appropriate treatment method.

Experts can quickly eliminate rats from your garden but you need to take a few steps to prevent them from returning.

Food Waste

Rats are generally attracted to a free meal. In effect, they will come to your house to eat the food scraps that you throw away. Sealing them in a black bag isn’t enough. You need to make sure that all waste, food and otherwise, is sealed inside a bag and a bin. This will prevent the rats from getting to it.

Without food, your garden is less inviting.

Standing Water

The next thing to consider is what water you have sat around your property. Rats, like most living creatures, need water to survive. If you have pools of water they will find them appealing.

You need to check your gutters and other areas of the garden to ensure there is no standing water.

Seal Gaps

It can be difficult to seal all the gaps in your garden. After all, rats can move through the soil. However, in case they do come into the garden you don’t want them entering your home. Take the time to inspect the outside walls and seal any gaps you find.
It is important to pay attention to areas around doors and windows, this is where you’ll commonly find cracks.

Plant peppermint

Rats do not like the smell of peppermint. Planting some of these in specific spots around your garden can help to deter rats from coming in. You can also use peppermint oil and put drops of it around windows, doors, and entry points to your house as well as any area in your garden that may be inviting to a rat.


You may be surprised to discover that rats don’t like the aroma of catnip. It is likely because it suggests cats are in the area and cats generally hunt rats. Sprinkling catnip will help to prevent rats from entering your home but it can also attract nearby cats, which may not be a desirable option.


It is also possible to use netting in the soil, just below ground level, to stop the rats from tunneling through. It’s easy to install and surprisingly effective.


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