How to Properly Consume Greens Powder


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Greens powder can be a great addition to your daily routine if you want to add more nutrients to your day.

Greens powders are designed to raise your intake of vitamins and minerals as part of a healthy diet. You can easily add it to water or a smoothie to boost your daily nutrition and feel a little bit healthier.

How to Properly Consume Greens Powder

What goes into a greens powder?

Generally, a greens powder will contain some sort of powdered green vegetables (like parsley, kale, spinach etc) along with other fruit and vegetable additives to up the nutrient content.

Many greens powders will also contain a natural or low-calorie sweetener to improve the taste without adding too many calories or grams of sugar.

Most greens powders also include seaweed or kelp extracts.

Greens powders are not designed to be a meal replacement or a protein powder, but rather a healthy addition to your daily routine, or as a way to sneak some extra nutrition into your smoothies.

Some greens powders may also include probiotics, which have benefits for your gut health. Taking probiotics on a regular basis can help to ease constipation as well as reduce systems of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. If your greens power contains probiotics, then you won’t have to worry about taking your daily probiotic pill.

Benefits of using greens powder

Though greens powder alone cannot replace a healthy diet, it certainly can’t hurt to add greens powder into your daily routine. It may carry some benefits for a healthy life.

Nutrient Dense

Many greens powders claim that one serving of powder is equivalent to 15 servings of fruit and vegetables. This is sure to supply you with a whole heap of vitamins and minerals.
Usually, greens powders will have a high amount of vitamin C due to the several fruits and vegetables which are included in the mix.

Vitamin C is important for immune health, so taking some daily greens powder may do your body good and help to protect you from getting sick.

Along with vitamin C, a typical greens powder will also deliver a healthy dose of vitamin A, which is important for reproduction and the overall health of many organs.


Many of the components of greens powders contain antioxidants.

Antioxidants fight free radicals in your body. Free radicals can cause harm to your body and internal organs and have been linked to many health issues such cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

You have probably heard the term “superfood” which usually explains a food high in antioxidants. In reality, no one food is super enough to provide perfect overall health but eating a combination of antioxidant rich foods will surely help you to stay healthy.

Many greens powders will include goji berries, which have been found to be very high in antioxidants.


As mentioned previously, many greens powders will also add probiotics into their mix. Probiotics are helpful to maintain or improve gut health, particularly if you have any digestive issues.

How can you use greens powder?

If you are going to include greens powder in your routine, you can take a portion once daily either mixed into water or blended into a smoothie.

Some people may choose to only use greens powders on days when they are really busy and don’t have time to have balanced meals that are nutrient dense.

Greens powders should be used in conjunction with a healthy overall diet. Try to make your meals as balanced as possible and use your greens powder just as an extra boost.

Remember that your greens powder does not replace fruits and vegetables, but rather just enhances your daily routine!


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