Determine the Value of Precious Engagement Ring


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Purchasing an engagement ring is a massive investment. Many couples ensure to buy or customize classy and tempting gemstone jewelry in the form of a band.

Engagement is a memorable and special day for the couple as they exchange rings by keeping the promise of lifelong commitment and trust. The current dynamic and massive jewelry market provide customization services, varied designs, and shape settings.

Determine the Value of Precious Engagement Ring

When it comes to naturally occurring gemstones, their mystical powers and healing benefits always amaze the mind of people. As a result, the precious Opal colorful stone is a popular choice for designing a tantalizing Opal Necklace.

Opal is a mesmerizing gem that displays a captivating play of colors that reflect the rainbow light. This specific quality sets it apart from other gemstones, also known as the ‘Queen of Gemstones’.

Basic 4 C’s To Know Quality of Engagement Ring

The essential four C’s that determine the value of an Opal ring are color, clarity, cut, and carat. In addition, the Opal has many different quality factors due to their exclusive mineral deposits.

  • Color – Every gemstone has its unique color. Regarding Opal, the number of colors, clarity, and color coverage factors must be analyzed to know its quality. The shine of Opal gets graded on a scale of 1 to 5.
  • Clarity – One can determine clarity based on shade, tone, and saturation. For instance, dark blue is more valuable than light blue.
  • Cut – The best cut for an Opal crystal is a high dome with even ratios, but few Opals permit this shape. Most of them are slim and have a lesser effect on value. Polishing must be good amongst all the high grades. The value of Opal Jewelry will decrease if it’s overly thick.
  • Carat Weight – Carat is the weight of the stone. One carat considers 0.2 grams. Larger stones are more priceless than smaller ones. Price per carat increases if the size of the stone increases. In some gemstones, the specialists seek out color patterns, textures, and other factors close to a distinct variety.

Certification of Authenticity

Whenever you buy Opal Earring, you could receive a certificate of genuineness for the gemstone. In addition, numerous organizations estimate and certify the gems. The most respected are the Gemological Institute of America ( GIA), International Gemological Institute, and Gemological Science International.

Every association is different in its assessment criteria. Some of them have their specific scales for knowing clarity, cut, and color.

Ways To Find The Ring Size

The most straightforward way to know the ring size is to estimate a ring you already own and its style. For example, you can use a string or a strip of paper and cover it around the inner side of the ring. Then indicate where the ends meet and measure claimed diameter on a ruler in diameter on a scale in millimeters.

Post this; you can compare it to the chart to find the corresponding ring size. Ensure to invest in the band you would wish by styling them on the ring finger.

Discuss With a Genuine Source for Engagement Band

After knowing the 4 C’s and ring size, it’s time to understand what kind of ring style one may prefer. Next, discuss your desired piece of Opal Pendant among your friends or family relatives who recently purchased it.

Apart from them, you can also consult about your ornament expectation with the best gemstone jewelry maker, supplier, jewelers, and gemologists.

Tips to Cleanse Engagement Ring

Always make sure to remove your precious ring while working with harsh chemicals. You can also send the piece of valuable band to an expert jeweler for steam cleaning.


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