Tips for Choosing an Orthodontics in Surrey


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Teeth bite issues and misalignment are some of the common dental problems several people often face. Whether to improve your smile, straighten your teeth, or fix bite issues, an orthodontist is your best bet. To find the best orthodontist clinics in your locality in Surrey, it is best to search for orthodontics near me and choose the best one with an authorized license, accreditation, numerous dental services, etc.

Tips for Choosing an Orthodontics in Surrey

Surrey city is situated south of the Fraser River in British Columbia, Canada. The city is spread over an area of 122.05 sq mi with an estimated population of 603,970. The treatment cost for an orthodontic dental procedure ranges from $5,000 to $10,000 if the treatment duration is between 16 to 24 months.

Things To Consider Before Choosing Surrey Orthodontist

It is always advisable to check for orthodontics near me when considering technical dental problems. Surrey has various orthodontic clinics offering different packages as per client needs. The estimated cost of living in Surrey is around $2,567, while the dentist’s average salary is about C$101,736. The estimated price to get full mouth braces is $7,000–$12,000 in Surrey.


It is advisable to take reference from someone who has been to an orthodontist before, especially for first-timers. Even your local dentist can be considered as they will be happy to share their experience and ideas.


The fact that an orthodontist is not a dentist should always be kept in mind. After becoming dentists, they must do a specialized course to be an orthodontist. Hence their education qualification should be cross-checked. Apart from holding a bachelor’s degree in dentistry, they should have masters in orthodontics.

While checking their credentials, make sure they are licensed members of the Canadian Association of Orthodontists.


Do check their number of years of work experience as an orthodontist. Cross-check with their existing clients to know their authenticity. An experienced Surrey orthodontist must specialize in all kinds of dental treatments like correcting bite issues, straightening teeth, Invisalign, aligning teeth, etc., and should be equipped with advanced technologies.

Always ask for photos of their previous work (both before and after work). Check their websites for online testimonials from their clients.


Many orthodontists offer a free consultation. Consultation is compulsory as this will determine medical and dental health. Usually, it involves taking X-rays and images, and a detailed quote will be given.

Always consult with more than one orthodontist and take the treatment according to the budget.


After getting the quote from different orthodontists, select the one that fits the budget. Ensure the orthodontist’s quotation includes the post-treatment price, as it is essential to ensure that the teeth stay healthy even after the treatment.

Ask the clinic whether they will accept the insurance card that you are holding. Sometimes for people without dental insurance, these clinics may approve payment on a low fees installment basis after thoroughly checking background and credit score.

Retainers Price Included

Retainers are worn after the treatment to protect the straightened teeth. Cross-check twice whether post-treatment and retainers prices are mentioned in the quote before committing to any treatment plan. Otherwise, one might come across extra hidden charges after the treatment.

Different Types Of Treatments

Ask orthodontists about the different types of treatments involved. What kind of appliances will they use, like fixed braces, removable braces, headgear, aligners, and retainers, after the treatment? Sometimes a tooth will be removed to correct the alignment of teeth. Confirm what treatment is best and how many months the treatment will go on.

Emergency Assistance

As the treatment at the orthodontist will go on for months, sometimes, apart from regular appointments, one may have to meet them for emergencies. Usually, emergencies rarely occur, but confirming whether they will entertain emergency appointments is advisable.

Clinic Location

The clinic’s location in Surrey is essential. It is good to know in advance whether the clinic accepts early morning or late night appointments and whether it is easily accessible through public transport, etc. This may not mean much when starting the treatment, but it does matter in the long term.


To get the best dental treatment, it is essential to choose a reliable orthodontist. Check their experience, accreditation, specialty training, and types of dental treatments offered. It is better to schedule regular visits to the orthodontist to ensure your teeth are in decent condition.


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