Divi’s Team Overview And The Vision Behind It


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Launched after a rather modest ICO in 2017 and later on a coin swap, Divi has now taken an interesting place in the crypto ecosystem by settling in the top 100 of the coinmarketcap. Originally Divi was a fork of Dash and PIVX, but today Divi has its own roadmap in the blockchain universe. Like many blockchain projects, Divi’s goal is to make popular cryptocurrencies easier to use to enable mass adoption through masternodes and staking. To do this, Divi aims to respond to various issues of the Bitcoin network : the lack of scalability and speed, high transaction fees, complexity for beginners. Now in 2020, the Divi ecosystem comprises the Divi blockchain, a FinTech entity specialized in payments : Ridivi and DiviLabs, an autonomous structure dedicated to innovation and the growth of the ecosystem

Divis Team Overview And The Vision Behind It

The main team of DIVI project

Geoff McCabe CEO and co-founder has a master’s degree in physics and has led three multi-million-dollar businesses to success before co-founding Divi in 2017. Michael Greenwood, Co-Founder and CTO of Divi , started at Microsoft as a senior developer at 19, and rose to become a principal UX designer for projects such as Origami, Xbox, SQL Server, Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1, and Windows 10 later. Other well-known advisers include former Coin Telegraph CEO Toni Lane Casserly and Doug Scott, former President of Ogilvy Entertainment. Top blockchain architect and former Google software developer Daniel Kraft has also joined as a technical advisor. Divi’s development team have on average 20+ years of experience building and delivering world-class software on time and on budget. The team is thus specialized and experienced in delivering what users really need for developing their assets and their passive income in the field of financial services.

The vision of masternodes/POS as primary choice

The Divi team has chosen to implement a specific POS/MN consensus to bring many financial advantages for investors, offering a complete set of incentives to bring more investors and accelerate project growth :

  • Block Rewards: Divi masternode holders produce a constant supply of new coins for the owner, as payment for helping to maintain and secure the Divi network and blockchain. The ecosystem is designed to reward holders more than traders, preventing the market to crash drastically. This concern has been thought from start and protect the long-term investors holding in their wallets.
  • Community Building: A coin is only as useful as the community that supports it. A masternode system creates a natural community of stakeholders from around the world, who regardless of race, religion or creed, inherently have the same common goal of supporting and improving the coin’s utility and the technology that backs it. The community-oriented vision brings all the investors together , uniting them in a single goal : make DIVI success a reality to enjoy the benefits of generating masternode rewards as a passive income

Finally , owning a masternode gives participants a great sense of pride and belonging to the community. Many opt to own multiple masternodes in a coin with the intent to just sit back and let their coins grow over time as a great source of income. The DIVI masternode system is designed to support the entity and the whole group and encourage community participation by its stakeholders.


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